Tuesday, July 5

Ayuso acknowledges to the opposition that he “didn’t expect” the heat wave: “Put on the fan, it’s not a crime”

The heat wave that has been plaguing the Community of Madrid for days has reached the Assembly this Thursday. “I did not have this wave planned. The whole country did not have it planned, but I had to do it”, justified the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, about a phenomenon that is repeated with more and more frequency and intensity due to of climate change.

The spokeswoman for Más País, Mónica García, questioned the president this Thursday about the measures that her government intends to adopt to mitigate the negative effects of high temperatures, which reach 40 degrees. “I don’t know if you have noticed it from the coolness of your official car, from your office or from your denial, but we Madrid people are cooking out there,” García snapped, recalling the proposals made by his group on bioclimatic classrooms, shelters climatic conditions, promotion of renewables to reduce the electricity bill or refurbishment of homes with a view to the ecological transition. “Have you done it? No, I’ve done it,” she told him.

“He will say that this heat wave is Ayuso’s fault, that he has a gender perspective,” replied the president. “I see you very quiet on corruption issues, now that your party is being accused by the court of accounts for irregular financing or now that the photo of the Azores has become the photo with Colau and Oltra, friends of whom you He presumes so much and that they are both on their way to the bench,” the president accused, avoiding answering about the heat wave.

“They have also been here bringing up the issues of murders of women,” continued Ayuso, who has accused More Madrid of throwing them “in their faces.” “They use the environment, women and work to bring us back to times of the past,” the president assured.

“Put the fan on, it’s not a crime,” Ayuso has sentenced, before pointing out that the Community of Madrid defends “an energy model that is implementing the best technologies, the most advanced and always looking for less pollution”, which is ” activating a plan to monitor and control the effects of these waves, which has been launched between Health, Social Services and the City Council” and that is “improving the isolation of schools” although “taking into account that there are thousands of them, We have to do a lot more work.” At the moment, he has said, five million euros have been invested for it.

As the president assures, putting the fan is not a crime, but it costs money. But the rise in the price of energy and, in some cases, previous economic situations, mean that many families suffer from energy poverty. According to National strategy against energy poverty 2019-2024, “between 3.5 and 8.1 million people, depending on the indicator used” were in this situation when the report was prepared throughout Spain. In the case of the Community of Madrid, a 2012 survey that cites this plan showed that the temperature in summer was inadequate in the homes of 26.4% of the population.

Ayuso has downplayed the heat wave: “As of Monday it will subside, so the next insult is already being sought for the next plenary session,” he told García. “When the cold wave that will come in winter comes, like every winter, he will tell me the same thing again, so he already has the question ready.”

The president of the regional Executive was also questioned about the non-opening of the summer swimming pools of the Community of Madrid, which remain closed. Ayuso has ignored the question, formulated by García. It was his adviser, Concepción Dancausa, who referred to this issue an hour later. She has done so to “apologize” and ensure that “next year the pools will be open the first weekend in June.” “The excellence to which we owe ourselves has not been met in this case,” she acknowledged.

The counselor explained that the four swimming pools of the Community “provide a complementary service to those of the City Council” and that “they were opened when the school year ended”. “It is true that the heat wave should have advanced that opening”, she has pointed out, but it was not done because “the person entered work legally on (day) 24”.

This same Wednesday, the spokesman for the regional government, Pedro Muñoz Abrines, assured that “it is part of the most natural” that “in the month of June or in the month of July it is hot.” “This climate emergency and climate shelters seem to me to be a predetermined strategy to impose a feeling of fear and therefore impose certain measures in a mandatory manner,” he insisted on an idea that he had already mentioned in the Assembly the previous week. , when he spoke of an “apocalyptic” language.

This Thursday, Muñoz Abrines took advantage of his question to Ayuso to address Mónica García: “Are you going to continue to be obsessed with blaming the president of the Community of Madrid for everything that happens, even that there are heat waves in the month of June?”. “As much as she insists on playing that and has been dressing in red for several weeks to play president, neither will she be nor will the people of Madrid vote for her. That’s like when I wanted to be an astronaut as a child and I never got there to be,” he said.


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