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Ayuso affirms that it is necessary to “raise to invest in public services” while lowering taxes

The debate on fiscal policy has starred in a new session of control of the Government of the Community of Madrid in the Assembly. The president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, a well-known defender of indiscriminate tax reductions, assured this Thursday that “taxes must be paid.” “Above all, we need to raise money to invest in public services, but not to weaken citizens,” he assured, then boasting that the Popular Party Executives in the region have applied 68 reductions since 2004, which have mainly benefited to those who have the most and who have caused the public coffers to stop entering more than 60,000 million euros.

The Minister of Finance affirms that the tax on large fortunes will be “temporary” and will come into force in 2023

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Along the same lines, the president of the Community has been against the tax on large fortunes advanced this Wednesday by the central government. “I consider that it is clear that taxes must be paid and that of course bureaucracy is necessary, because it articulates the administration of a country and thus maintains its public services, but the excess ends up being confiscatory, an abuse, it promotes the submerged economy, it ends up with the desire of the citizens to undertake and although the left does not like the concept, the risk is necessary”, he assured. Ayuso speaks of abuse in a region that in 2020 alone forgave 18,000 millionaires 992 million for the wealth tax.

“Risk moves the world and not dependence on the administration,” he assured a question from his own parliamentary group, which asked him to assess his fiscal policy. “The policies go in that direction (of tax cuts), contrary to how the Government of the Nation always advances, that the only thing they do is affect the Community of Madrid and its prosperity”. “We are against playing around with announcements of tax increases, of changes in the rules of the game, because that is the only way the economy will contract. We need clear messages, not invent taxes”, he stated in relation to the announcement by the central Executive to promote a temporary tax on large fortunes, in the wake of the tax on extraordinary profits from banks and electricity companies.

Ayuso has criticized the “policies that call for sadness, darkness and fear” and has accused the Community of “boycotting” the Community by the coalition government. But on this occasion he has taken a soft tone with the opposition. He has maintained the forms when the leader of Más Madrid, Mónica García, warned him that he encourages “fiscal parasites.” Or when the socialist spokesman, Juan Lobato, accused her of “massive tax fraud against the middle classes.” Also, when Alejandra Jacinto, from United We Can, lamented that “not everyone enters her paradise.” Even when his far-right parliamentary partner, Rocío Monasterio, told him that his Executive “announces, but does not execute.”

The leader of the opposition, Mónica García, has accused the Madrid Executive that “they do not promote tax havens, they promote tax parasites”. García has made the president ugly by the appeal against the central government’s energy plan that the Community will present next week before the Constitutional Court. “If you go to the Constitutional Court with the appeal to the supermarket checkout, they do not change it for the shopping basket nor does it serve to save money”, he has disfigured him, while he has accused Ayuso of “looking for a house” and of getting “on knees in front of millionaires.”

“Every time you talk about taxes, I will be there to explain your massive tax fraud to the middle classes of this Community”, Lobato told the president, who has once again challenged a “face to face in tax matters ”. “Wherever you want, here, on your Telemadrid, even with Carlos Alsina”, she has proposed. “Now that he talks to me about taxes and he does it with such ease, we are going to comment on the following sentence,” Ayuso replied, to quote former president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who defended the abolition of the wealth tax 15 years ago.

Lobato has been wanting to confront Ayuso for months about his tax model that would benefit low and medium incomes instead of “giving 992 million to a few hundred billionaires in exchange for even a few small crumbs to more than 90% of the population.” “Each million euros that he gives away is worse treatment in nursing homes, an increase in waiting lists, fewer teachers, fewer hours and fewer FP places,” he has disfigured.

The deputy spokesperson for United We Can in the Assembly, Alejandra Jacinto, has used her speech to agree with Ayuso that “we live in a paradise”, but “of their own”: “Those who have money to take their children enter their paradise.” children to a private school, but those who do not have a place in a public school in their neighborhood do not enter. Enter those who have shop windows on the golden mile, enter you who are a lover of traffic jams, enter the vulture funds but do not enter people who cannot pay their rent. Toni Cantó entered his paradise and we don’t know what he saw inside, that he has left. You have reserved the right of admission and leave more and more people out”.

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