Friday, December 3

Ayuso again urges Casado to speed up the Madrid Congress and claims: “I am not the product of a brand without more.”

After a weekend of accusations from one side to the other in the PP Congress in Andalusia, Isabel Díaz Ayuso has tried to reduce the tension this Monday in an interview on TVE, although she has once again urged the president of the party, Pablo Casado , to convene the Congress of Madrid when before. “We have been two months with the last controversy and it has become eternal, prolonging it for another eight I think it wears and erodes and creates more internal war,” he defended. And immediately afterwards it has been claimed: “I am not a product of a brand without more”.

Ayuso has once again proclaimed that “being critical does not mean being disloyal, having one’s own criteria is not being disloyal” that he has been defending since he announced his intention to preside over the PP in Madrid and the internal battle began. The Madrid president, however, has assured that she did not feel alluded to when this Sunday Casado launched that “personalism does not fit in the PP, this is not a ‘talent show’ of megalomania.”

The leader of the PP has indicated that they have gotten “in a spiral, in a loop” in which “every time everything worse is interpreted”. “On many occasions we only take headlines, they tell us who the headline is addressed to, and all we do is get even more muddy when in reality things are much simpler,” she assured and then assured that this is what happened to her same on Friday when he encouraged the president of Andalusia, Juanma Moreno, to call elections and fly “free.”

“It was interpreted as that he was taking a pulse,” he has said, but has defended that she was referring to the pressure exerted by other parties. Ayuso’s team tried to qualify his words over the weekend and point out that they were not referring to Casado, but to Vox. Before, from Genoa they had pointed to an operation to “alter things”, in reference to the power in the PP, which was reminiscent of what Esperanza Aguirre tried in 2008.

The president has repeated during the interview on TVE that she is focused on “governing” the Community of Madrid, “on the left and on the right, trying to unite Madrid society around a discourse of freedom.” “I do not have a political career, the Community of Madrid is my beginning and my end. I am only at the service of Spain through the Community of Madrid and, of course, I am at the service of the PP and its president when he presents himself, when he has his congress. I will be the first to be there, “she declared. At this point, he stressed that he encourages everyone to see his statements because he always goes “in the same direction”

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