Wednesday, July 6

Ayuso and Almeida celebrate their three years in government by looking at Sánchez: “He has nothing to do in Madrid”

One day after the bittersweet celebration of the three years of municipal government that he starred in the Retiro with the deputy mayor Begoña Villacís, the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, celebrated the same event this Thursday but this time supported by the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and surrounded by 80 mayors from the party that govern other municipalities in the region. The event, held in nave 16 of Matadero in Madrid, was also attended by the new leadership of the regional PP and a large part of the advisors of the Ayuso Government, including the new vice president, Enrique Ossorio, who was welcomed by his new position, unprecedented until now, and to whom he has commissioned the preparation of his electoral program.

Both Almeida and Ayuso, who was received with a standing ovation, charged Pedro Sánchez and the sanchism, devoting a large part of his speeches to criticizing his management and accusing him of all the evils that have been and will be. “Let it be clear to the President of the Government: in Madrid he has nothing to do”, proclaimed first the regional president and then the mayor of Madrid himself.

The regional president has predicted “a catastrophic end” for the central government in which “it remains to be seen if Sánchez wants to show his face”, and has indicated that the socialist leader presides over a “broken” executive that has managed to “all international organizations are concerned about the drift to which it is leading Spain”. “We are facing the most authoritarian government in all of history”, “it is believed that the farmhouse continues to belong to them”, she warned.

But Ayuso has not forgotten the spokesperson for Más Madrid, Mónica García, with whom he has had a scuffle this morning due to the heat in Madrid; nor of Mónica Oltra, due to her recent accusation; nor of Ada Colau, whom he has accused of filling Barcelona “with the worst”. For some and others he has had some sour comment as Almeida has also done later.

The regional leader has harangued the mayors of her party present at the event, whom she has encouraged to win in 2023 “in all the municipalities of the Community of Madrid”, but mainly to revalidate the mandate in those in the south, “which they [los socialistas] They thought it belonged to them.” “The only thing they have done in so many municipalities of good, hard-working, hardworking and early risers is to bankrupt them and make them unemployed”, he has sentenced. “We want people to return to the polls to feel that this is the best project, the one that represents them the most and the one that defends a way of seeing life, of common spaces, of unity and, above all, of freedom” , has left said.

“We are going to show all Spaniards, not the left, that we are the majority party, a winning party because we know their problems, we are eager and excited and when we walk together we are unbeatable”, he proclaimed.

For his part, the mayor of Madrid has insisted to his supporters that “there are only 347 days left for the Madrid elections and we have to make a Ayuso”, “follow his example and dye all our municipalities in Madrid blue”. “We have to tell the PSOE that Madrid will continue to be the refuge of those who believe in freedom”, added the mayor.

Almeida has claimed “the pride of being from the PP and has stated that they have” more and better ideas than the left “. “For this reason, the PP has become the great ideological reference of the liberal center-right in Spain”, he stated, while revealing that the day he managed to govern in Madrid “was the happiest of his life”, as well as It was “the day they named him a candidate” in which he promised to “leave his skin”. “They told me that Manuela [Carmena] It was unbeatable, a transversal icon and we could not win it and now the mayor is called Almeida“, he ironized.

The great forgotten of his speech has been his coalition government partner, Begoña Villacís.

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