Friday, May 20

Ayuso and Aznar join in a discussion to make clear their harmony and their rejection of pardons

Isabel Díaz Ayuso and José María Aznar meet again a year later to close a summer course at the Francisco de Vitoria private university. A talk that a year ago already led the two political leaders of the hard wing of the PP in a telematic way and in which Ayuso came to affirm that the pandemic was “the best” that had happened to him in his life. With a completely different panorama, the president of the Community of Madrid and the former president of the Government have met again this time face to face to star in a colloquium, moderated by the journalist Vicente Vallés, in which the pro-independence leaders are pardoned in focused practically all the talk. Despite the good harmony with the Madrid president, at all times, Aznar has made it clear that his national leader is Pablo Casado, in case there was any doubt. Although he has warned that the Ayuso model is the one to follow.

“It is the aurora borealis really what is happening. The alternative to all that is compliance with the law, the Constitution and the rule of law. And it is a political decision of the Spanish who, tired of being humiliated, are not willing to continue to be humiliated, “Aznar began, making it clear that he does not like pardons because, as he has defended, in Spain” there was a coup, “despite the fact that the Supreme Court condemned them for sedition and not rebellion. In their opinion, not that of the court, they should have been convicted of that latter crime.

The former president of the Government has also referred to the support of Catalan businessmen and bishops on the pardons. Aznar has assured that these are days “to aim, keep in mind and not forget.”

Aznar has also criticized that the PNV is targeting “this whole party” and has questioned how the PSOE came to power in 2004 and 2018. 16 years ago after the 11M attack that the PP wanted to attribute to ETA lying knowing that it had been jihadist terrorism. For Aznar, the architect of that conspiracy theory, the PSOE won the elections “using terrorist attacks to try to affect the credibility of the Government.” And three years ago, with a motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy “supported by separatists and exterrorists.” The former president of the Government has, of course, ignored that the PSOE later won the elections in 2019 on two occasions.

Aznar has denied the dialogue. “A new country is not built without the other half of the country, at least. Impossible. A country is destroyed,” he warned, adding that if this is the way, it is “doomed to great failure.” When asked what is the alternative that the PP proposes to that route of dialogue opened by the Government, the PP leader has defended that “the question consists of respecting and complying with” both the law and the rule of law.

On this issue, Ayuso has assured that he is not going to allow “taxes to be raised in Madrid and that the Madrid economy pays, like the rest of Spain, what they are doing in Catalonia.” “Because independence is business, independence is money, it is a corruption that the only thing that tries is under supposed identities to create a social division and later to squeeze Spain, the rest of the country.”

Ayuso blames others for overshadowing Casado

The good harmony between Ayuso and Aznar has been evident during this Friday. But so that there were no doubts, Aznar has repeated on several occasions that his national leader, the one who can lead Spain to fruition, is Pablo Casado, although he has also warned that the role model is that of Ayuso. “The Madrid elections have marked a path, that is the path that essentially has to be followed. And for Pablo Casado that is a great advantage ”, Aznar began.

“Isabel is one of the people, like Pablo Casado, with all the conditions for a brilliant leadership,” he insisted, to assure later that the Madrid president “does what she has to do.” “When I was president of Castilla y León, I did it. And from there a national alternative was born. It is the reality. A president of a Community cannot be asked to be silent. What denotes a very low level are all those out there who don’t say one word louder than another. It has to be said! That’s politics! ”

In this regard, Ayuso has argued that there is an “interest” in slipping that with his statements overshadows the president of the PP, Pablo Casado. But he has warned: “If they intend to divide me with the president of my party, generate supposed dissensions with him, so that I remain silent, they are wrong.”

“I think that sometimes there is also a bit of interest in deliberately overshadowing him. This week we have both spoken in the same way about the same issues and I have been put on the front pages in front of him, when We have said exactly the same thing. He who leads the opposition and who will govern Spain in the future is him and not me, “he said.

For Ayuso, Casado “is not a man of complexes” and she has some obligations such as “showing the government that Spain is losing itself.”