Wednesday, August 4

Ayuso and the rest of the PP meet in Galicia to celebrate Feijóo’s decision to seclude himself in local politics

The coldness with which Alberto Núñez Feijóo treated Isabel Díaz Ayuso before his explosion as a reference to the PP after the Madrid elections has disappeared. Gone are the elections a year ago in which Feijóo dispensed with Ayuso among the guests at his campaign rallies. “He has not asked us to come,” said the Galician PP plumbers. Now, after the Madrid elections and the new weight of Madrid politics on the state scene, all are good words. So much so that Ayuso was the first regional president of the PP to speak at the start of the Congress in which Feijóo succeeded himself and tied himself to Galician politics for four more years.

Feijóo places his cousin in the direction of the PP of Galicia

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“You are a reference for everyone”, “we need you”, “you are still as you are” … Handfuls of phrases like the previous ones came out of Ayuso’s mouth during the act that the popular Galicians broadcast by streaming, while in the streets of Santiago de Compostela thermometers showed temperatures above 30 degrees. A few minutes before, the president of the Xunta had done the same with his partner: “We Galicians highly value what you do”, “you are a great woman”, “you have managed to subdue everyone” “you alerted us that this [en referencia al COVID] it was going to end thousands of lives. “If it weren’t for the fact that nobody took out a gold watch and an alpaca plaque, anyone would have said that more than the beginning of a political congress what we were seeing was the retirement party of a manager of a great company.

Among references to Manuel Fraga and grievances against the coalition government, the General Secretary of the Popular Party, Teodoro García Egea, has given special prominence to the Constitutional Court ruling that overturned the confinement decreed with the first state of alarm. García Egea has called it “the greatest legal failure when it comes to fighting a difficulty in the history of Spain” and has described as “intolerable attacks on the Constitutional Court” the statements of the members of the coalition government on the sentence in recent years. days.

The common denominator in most of the interventions of the other regional leaders of the Popular Party has been the direct attack on the Socialist Party. This is how the president of the Popular Party in Extremadura explained the situation of his land: “In Extremadura they have been governing for 34 years, and where the Socialists rule there is no work, work, work. We are unemployed leaders, women unemployed, youth unemployment, in emigration and poverty rates “.

The barons of the Popular Party have participated in a staging on the idea of ​​unity with which Feijóo distances himself from any reading on internal power disputes.

In a ceremony full of compliments and intentions for the future, the president of the Xunta has drawn a self-portrait with the following words: “I am not a newcomer, nor am I a stranger. I am not an unknown person.” In clear reference to the next electoral appointments, Feijóo has assured: “I do not want to give a vote for lost. The PP can be stronger, win in more municipalities and govern all the councils”.

That the July 2020 elections were Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s last assault on the Xunta de Galicia has already been in the past. The Galician baron of the PP has propped up his political future in the community this weekend that elevated him as the main baron of the PP until the arrival of Isabel Díaz Ayuso. During the campaign that gave him his fourth absolute majority, Feijóo assured that 2020 would be his last electoral examination in his land, but in the light of a congress that has publicly placed him as a “benchmark for all leaders of the Popular Party”, It can be sensed that Feijóo will continue to hold his position as head of the PPdG for a long time.

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