Wednesday, August 4

Ayuso asks for more vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna to the Government while it has more than half a million of these brands without administering

The Community of Madrid chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso has requested this Wednesday from the Ministry of Health more Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. The Government spokesman, Enrique Ossorio, has assured that they have the capacity to continue vaccinating but the most important element does not reach them: vaccines. The reality is that Madrid has more than half a million doses of these brands unadministered and autonomy is the queue for injections throughout the country, according to the latest report from the Ministry.

“At present we want to open more appointments for the population but we are highly conditioned by the arrival of the vaccine. We are concerned that Pfizer’s vaccines this last month have dropped by half and we have many second-dose vaccines committed,” Ossorio assured during the press conference of the Governing Council.

“This highlights the chaotic vaccination system of the Pedro Sánchez Government,” Ossorio assured, despite the fact that Madrid has only administered 85.6% of the 7.5 million doses it has received, which means that It has inoculated 6.4 million and keeps 1.15 million in storage. Ossorio has complained that AstraZeneca’s vaccines will soon become useless as they are limited to the population aged 60-69, as are Janssen’s which are only given to those over 40.

This writing has asked the Ministry of Health how many of the doses that are kept in storage correspond to Pfizer and Moderna. Of the total, some 400,000 doses are from Pfizer and more than 150,000 from Moderna, according to figures provided by Health to

Another nearly 300,000 are from AstraZeneca. Ossorio has indicated that in Madrid they practically no longer have a target population with whom to use the English brand because they already have 80% vaccinated with a complete schedule. Also minors that age who received this vaccine and want to choose it as a second dose can also. In Health, unlike the Government spokesman, they assure that they will be used.

From Health they argue that the million stored doses “are already committed for second doses.” The communities receive new shipments of vaccines every week.

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