Wednesday, February 21

Ayuso asks for “unity” in 2022 because “the only enemy is the virus” after a year of wars with Sánchez, Casado and Cs

Isabel Díaz Ayuso has called for “unity” and to end polarization in her New Year’s Eve speech. “The disagreement should not degenerate into polarization, nor the concern into tiredness or bad humor,” said the president of the Community of Madrid to close a year of constant battle against the Government of Pedro Sánchez, of internal war with his own party and Pablo Casado and a break with Ciudadanos.

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The president of the Community of Madrid herself defined 2021 last Wednesday as “the year of the central government’s grievance” against Madrid and the “purchase of positions in the national Parliament with the money of all Spaniards.” In that press conference, in which he took stock of his management, he accused the Executive of being “feeding the breakdown of Spain” with his actions and questioned his commitment to a “false decentralization” which, in his opinion, “only serves of subscription for the Government partners and to generate grievances from the regions “.

Ayuso has assured in his speech that his Government has been fighting in 2021 against the virus and “in favor of families, companies, the self-employed, employment, tourism, hospitality or public services.” “The only enemy in these long months has been the virus. And that is how it must continue to be,” insisted the president, who has called for unity, “to preserve happiness” or to take care of people “abused, exploited, the vulnerable, the who have lost their job, their business, or a relative. ”

In his speech, he has reviewed his policies on education, social welfare, family, housing, transport, justice or taxation, but above all he has reiterated his commitment to improving public health and has had words of thanks for the professionals who They are “on the front line” these days, “in the emergency room and in Primary Care”. “Without them, where would we be?”

On December 21, days after the Official College of Physicians of Madrid (ICOMEM) called for “urgent measures” to reinforce health in the face of the “collapse” of Primary Care, Ayuso directly blamed the health workers: “Not all want work and pitch in. ” It was in an interview on esRadio in which he assured that he would investigate why the outpatient clinics “do not pick up the phone, hang up or suddenly there are no doctors,” pointing to the health workers themselves as responsible for the problems. He also defended that in some health centers “there is a lot of tension” and “some take the opportunity to hang up their banners and not all of them want to work and pitch in.”

Ayuso has remarked in his New Year’s Eve message that “in front of those who want us dependent, sad and complaining”, in Madrid “we are happy, fighters and we do not want to depend on anyone, but to be the engine of our lives and the nation, example for Europe and the world. We want to be an opportunity and not a burden. ” “Whatever the fight against the epidemic lasts, and whatever difficulties come, we will continue fighting and we will not lose hope.”

Ayuso has appealed to unity, because that is what will allow us to move forward. “Disagreement should not degenerate into polarization, nor concern into boredom or bad humor. We Madrilenians have shown impressive dignity these months, all of us: let us not forget.”

When the PP decided to cancel the Christmas dinner due to the increase in COVID-19 infections, the president of the Community of Madrid went on the attack against her own party. He assured that “there were no reasons” to cancel it, that they were attacking the hotel industry and that the PP’s decision went “in the opposite direction to the health policy that we have defended in the Community.” “There is no reason to be massively canceling meals or celebrations,” he said at the time in statements to the media.

Relations were not good then between Ayuso and the leadership of Pablo Casado due to the internal war opened by the struggle for the PP of the Community of Madrid. After erasing Ciudadanos from the map, which ceased to exist in the Regional Assembly after the May 4 elections, the president started the new political course with a new contest for power: that of the party’s regional presidency. Despite Casado’s messages that it was not the time, Ayuso considered that she was entitled to do so after the broad support received at the polls.