Thursday, July 7

Ayuso awards a position in the direction of the PP in Madrid to the senior official who signed the contract of his brother’s commission by hand

The newly elected president of the PP of Madrid has awarded a position in her new direction to the former Deputy Minister of Health Assistance, Ana Dávila, the high-ranking official of the Community of Madrid who signed the contract for the supply of masks in her own handwriting during the pandemic, which later brought Ayuso’s brother a commission of at least 55,850 euros, as reported by

Ayuso case: already told it

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The award of 1.5 million euros in masks to the company that paid a commission to the brother of Isabel Díaz Ayuso adds several unusual circumstances. Among them, the official document by which this contract is awarded: it is signed by hand and does not have the secure verification code that accompanies other documents in this same file and that these administration resolutions usually have to certify their authenticity. As already announced, Ana Dávila was the person who signed the contract by hand.

Throughout the first day of the regional congress that has enthroned her at the head of the party, Ayuso has made mention of this new area on several occasions, which she entrusts to Dávila. In the morning he already announced that he would give priority weight “to disability, to the family, to the birth rate and to policies that have to do with motherhood and fatherhood.” In his speech in the afternoon, he again stressed that “disability will have its own area”.

The mayor accused of corruption, deputy secretary of the new PP in Madrid

Ayuso has also included Ana Millán, the mayor of Arroyomolinos, in her new executive, very close to the president and charged with corruption along with a businessman who would have benefited from some contracts during her previous stage as a councilor in the Consistory.

Millán, who until now was the PP’s deputy secretary for Sectoral Action, will now occupy the party’s deputy secretary for Territorial and Organization in the region. She is, in fact, one of the few that Ayuso keeps for his new team. She has thanked her for her work in the outgoing direction.

The mayor defended on April 22 before a Navalcarnero judge the legality of the income made by the businessman who received awards from the council that he headed between 2012 and 2016 because they corresponded to the rental of an attic of his property, with the right to purchase . In four years, Millán received more than 44,000 euros from the Neverland company, owned by businessman Vicente Roselló, whose companies received contracts worth more than 660,000 euros.