Tuesday, July 5

Ayuso begins a two-year term with Vox setting the agenda from day one

Against immigrants, who “skip the line to enter.” Against the “extreme left”. Against “gender ideology”. Against “the failure of multiculturalism.” And against Telemadrid, “a ruinous TV that must be closed.” The speech of the extreme right of Vox exploded this Friday the investiture debate of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, which is the starting gun of her second term at the head of the Community of Madrid. The message from the leader of the far-right formation, Rocío Monasterio, gives the measure of how the next two years will be, in this short term, which will end in May 2023. “We are going to ask you to repeal the gender laws” Monasterio told the new president of Madrid. “We are going to demand it. Your voters will appreciate it.” After listening to their sexist, racist and xenophobic proclamations, Ayuso limited himself to thanking the extreme right for their support and attacking the opposition that stood up against the racist Monastery attacks on the Senegalese deputy of United We Can, Serigne Mbayé.

The lies and half truths of Ayuso’s inauguration speech

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Ayuso had already outlined the day before in the Regional Assembly what will be his second term at the helm of the Community of Madrid, now without the uncomfortable partner of Ciudadanos. That first day should serve for the Madrid leader to expose the general lines of her mandate after two years with hardly any management: she was not able to approve some accounts or to carry out any draft law. His speech recovered old promises that have been left in a drawer these last two years, the fundamental one, a generalized reduction of the autonomic section of personal income tax that, according to Ayuso, will arrive in the Assembly in the autumn when he presents the first budget project since he is president. A general drop of 0.5 points in this tax that benefits high incomes and reduces public accounts since the regional administration will stop collecting 300 million a year.

Another promise, to promote the birth rate among young women, starts with controversy. The Madrid president announced financial aid of 500 euros per month for women under 30 years of age for 29 months, which excludes a large part of the region’s women by including a clause that requires that they have been registered in Madrid for at least 10 years. A requirement harshly criticized by the opposition that considers that it only seeks to please Vox and leave thousands of women out, with which the expense will be minimal for the Government.

“It is curious: millionaires who come to Madrid not to pay inheritance and estate taxes, they do not ask for 10 years of registration, but a young Andalusian, Basque or Galician to have a child,” criticized the spokesperson for Más Madrid , Mónica García, who debuted this Friday as leader of the opposition in the regional Assembly. The deputy spokesperson for United We Can in the Madrid Assembly, Alejandra Jacinto, accused the PP of promoting “discrimination” against foreign women “inside and outside of Spain.”

The Madrid president went on the counterattack mixing abortion, euthanasia and maternity in an impossible cocktail. Díaz Ayuso defended the measure and assured that it is a way to avoid abortions and allow pregnant women “to have an opportunity to take refuge in life.” “Abortion is the easy resource that the left puts forward,” he launched. Raising his tone, he later affirmed: “Does it bother you? Euthanasia; Does the baby bother you? Abortion. Freedom is giving them the option to choose,” he concluded, showing off the postulates that he has welcomed with the open arms of the extreme right, essential partner to govern these next two years.

Ayuso forgot during the day of the solemn investiture session of health and the pandemic. And that the region leads the rate of variation in the number of deaths in 2020 with 34.8% more than in the previous year. The second community is Castilla la Mancha with seven points less. The national average is 17.7%, three times less than Madrid.

The issue did not focus his electoral campaign nor in his government plans there are projects underway for a sector that has suffered the worst health crisis in recent history due to the coronavirus pandemic. Regarding Primary Care, in arms after what they describe as “the abandonment” of Ayuso, there was nothing new beyond ensuring that the region has “the best” family medicine. The Madrid president promised the hiring of 1,200 doctors for health centers, a measure announced last September, which she has not implemented and which the unions already warn will be insufficient because for the next five years more than 1,400 doctors are pending to retire. . In addition to the structural deficit that already exists.

In terms of education, Ayuso announced for the academic year 2022 and 2023 a reduction in the ratios in the classrooms but only for the infant classes, an education that is not compulsory. He also assured that he would lower university fees. In reality, it is an initiative approved by the Ministry of Universities, and which is mandatory for all autonomies. Last year, in May, the Government and the communities reached an agreement on maximum prices for university credits: so that they would be the same throughout Spain. That is why Madrid has had to lower them. They do so, despite themselves: they voted against the measure and later appealed this decision in court, an appeal that continues despite the president’s announcement.

Vox marks the Ayuso line

Less than 24 hours after the candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid deployed her plans, the rest of the groups took the floor this Friday. On the one hand, the extreme right announced its support for the inauguration and warned that it will enforce its electoral program, which only a few minutes later detailed: the repeal of “gender laws” among which is LGTBi and the closure of Telemadrid .

“In Madrid, gender laws typical of the most radical left are in force. I am able to understand that their former partner [Ciudadanos] It will not allow you to repeal them but we are going to demand it, “Monasterio warned, who also requested” a comprehensive audit of subsidies to eliminate ideological and useless subsidies and force the return of all those that have not scrupulously fulfilled the purposes for which were granted “.

Telemadrid was at the target of the Monastery attacks, which came to ask for its closure: “It is neither a public service, nor necessary for the people of Madrid, but rather a bottomless pit that consumes tens of millions of euros every year, 74 million euros annual “. “Why do we Madrilenians have to pay out of pocket to those who insult daily on television? And if it cannot be closed immediately, its cost will have to be drastically reduced,” he added. Ayuso had announced weeks before that he would push for a change in the law to change his address. For this you will need Vox.

Monastery continued with its demands pointing to unaccompanied foreign minors. “I know he has no competences but in the same way that he is brave to face Sánchez in other areas where he also does not have competences, I ask him to do the same, please, with the security and prosperity of the whole of Madrid” , launched the Madrid president.

But the most tense moment of the debate occurred when Monasterio directly alluded to the deputy of United We Can of Senegalese origin, Serigne Mbayé. “In addition to entering Spain illegally, for years it profited from the illegal sale at the doors of shops,” Monasterio attacked. Mbayé later asked to withdraw the words – “racism does not fit in this Chamber” – a request to which the president of the Madrid Assembly, María Eugenia Carballedo, of the PP, also joined. The left’s support for Mbaye was unanimous.

Not so on the part of Ayuso, who when he took the floor he did so to attack the opposition for their criticism of Vox. “Those who are really radical are the parties of the left,” began the acting president and candidate for reelection her closed defense of those who are her government partners since Friday. “There is nothing else to do with the treatment you have been given, Mrs. Monasterio, I am ashamed that your party is treated in that way,” he continued.

“It’s going to take the breath from my limp mouth a little closer”

On the left side, both Más Madrid and PSOE and Unidas Podemos made it clear that they will make a firm opposition despite the 58 deputies compared to the 78 of the right. The socialist spokesperson, Hana Jalloul, reminded the PP that Isabel Díaz Ayuso has become president again with “the agreement from which all the rights of Europe flee ashamed, those will be her traveling companions” and warned that the legislature will not be from “roller and silk”. “Voting against his inauguration is an act of civic responsibility, much more than a political position or a party decision,” insisted Jalloul.

The leader of Más Madrid warned Ayuso that he will be watching her closely after ensuring that when the PP increases in number of deputies, its corruption multiplies. “I imagine you have noticed, but from today I sit in front of you; I regret to tell you that from now on you will have the breath from my limp mouth, as you defined it, a little closer,” snapped Mónica García . The spokeswoman for United We Can, Carolina Alonso, regretted that Ayuso does not seek solutions but only “propaganda.” “Madrid does not need songs about freedom, but a bit of tax justice so that teachers do not have to be laid off and hospitals cut back.”

With these wickers, a short term begins, the second for Ayuso, who from the first day has been given duties by the extreme right. Vox will have more force than in 2019 with the disappearance of Citizens despite the fact that the PP only needs the vote of four other deputies. The inauguration day became the prelude to a mandate in which the regional president promises to continue exploiting the confrontation with the Government of Pedro Sánchez with the autonomous elections of 2023 as a backdrop.