Wednesday, January 19

Ayuso carries out his first accounts with the support of Vox after vetoing all the amendments on the left

Three years later, the Community of Madrid has new budgets for 2022. Isabel Díaz Ayuso manages to carry out her first accounts as regional president thanks to the support of Vox. The last ones were approved in 2018, before the arrival of Ayuso to the regional government when Ángel Garrido was the president. During the debate, the entire government was absent and did not attend the more than 15 hours of parliamentary debate. They have only attended for the vote.

Therefore, the budgets go ahead after two years of extension. The investment increased to 23,033 million euros, 14.8% more than in 2019, since they include European Next Generation funds amounting to 746.4 million that the Community will receive.

The PP and Vox agreement at the beginning of the month sealed the accounts. For this reason, not one of the amendments of the rest of the formations –Más Madrid, PSOE and Unidas Podemos– have been accepted after they agreed not to accept any before even reading them.

The pact between PP and Vox includes 13 measures that include conducting an audit of mineral centers or advancing in free education from 0 to 3 years by financing private centers with checks.

As an anecdote, at the time that the party dedicated to Health has been voted, PSOE deputies have raised flags of the unions in the area: CCOO, UGT, Satse and CSIT. Representatives of these were at the same time demonstrating at the doors of the Assembly asking for more investment.

Thus, after more than 15 hours of debate in which the Madrid president has not been present and more than an hour of voting, these Budgets have been approved.