Tuesday, May 17

Ayuso claims 1,000 million from the Government for Metro and care for refugees while announcing new tax cuts

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Díaz Ayuso, has estimated this Wednesday at 1,000 million the amount of the Madrid Metro bill for the rise in the electricity bill and care for refugees arriving from Ukraine, an amount that claims the Government of European funds. An invoice that she, she considers, must be assumed by the State while announcing new tax cuts after the one approved in December in the regional section of IRPF. On this occasion, Ayuso has announced that a new reform to discount the gift and inheritance tax between brothers and nephews and uncles will be approved shortly so that it passes the parliamentary process this year and is applied next year, the electoral year.

In an informative lunch organized by Europa Press on the occasion of the anniversary of the 4M elections, the president of the Community of Madrid has defended the cut of 10% of the trains in the Madrid Metro. According to what she has said, she has taken the measure to avoid having to raise the rate of suburban transport that has caused the rise in the electricity bill. “If we raised the bond we would also be criticized by the left,” she snapped.

“We have calculated that between the new rate increases and displaced Ukrainians, we are asking for more than a billion euros together with everything, but we do not receive any extraordinary aid,” he assured.

According to the Transport Minister of the regional government, David Pérez, the increase in the electricity bill has caused the bill to multiply by four in February, going from 3.4 million in 2021 to 12.2 in 2022 Until reaching the 1,000 million that he now claims from the central Executive, Ayuso includes care for refugees arriving from Ukraine to whom the Community of Madrid provides free transport bonus and access to health and education.

While claiming that amount, which she has said that she does not expect to arrive, the Madrid president has announced a new tax reduction, an electoral promise that she wants to be approved before the 2023 elections: a deduction of the gift and inheritance tax between uncles and nephews and between brothers who would arrive in the next few months at the regional Parliament.

This new tax reduction will mean that the Community of Madrid stops collecting 30 million euros a year in donation and inheritance tax, according to the regional president during the electoral campaign a year ago. The initiative would benefit 11,000 people from Madrid, which represents 0.16% of the population, of the 6,779,888 people registered in the Community of Madrid as of January 1 at the National Institute of Statistics.

As announced during the campaign, the goal is to extend the gift and inheritance tax rebate between siblings, from the current 15% to 25%. Also the bonus between uncles and nephews, from 10% to 20%.

Ayuso announces this tax after approving just a few months ago a tax reduction in the regional section of personal income tax that reduces regional collection by more than 300 million euros. Added to this tax reduction is the reduction of the gift and inheritance tax between parents and children and spouses and that of the estate. Due to the exemption from the Wealth Tax for large fortunes, the Government of the Community of Madrid stops collecting around 1,000 million euros a year.

A “reduced” Madrid PP

The regional president has expressed her intention to appoint a reduced structure for the Madrid PP when she presides over it from May 21 and has assured that she will “completely” separate the work of the party and those of the government because she wants everyone to be focused on your responsibility.

The Madrid leader has advanced that she does not want her directors to be deputy secretaries because she does not see it as positive “that power is grouped so much.” “If you are as a counselor, this takes so much time that you should not have time for anything,” she pointed out. A contradiction regarding her own appointment as president and president of the party.

As for the role that the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, will play in the match, he has defended that they are “the same team” and will sit down to see how to continue “walking together” and what people both want “to strengthen the organization”.

Ayuso does not rule out making changes in “intermediate positions” in his Government for the last year of the legislature, but he does not plan to change the directors. Asked if he will not take into account the loyalty that leaders of the Madrid PP had with the previous president of the party, Pablo Casado, he has admitted that “casadistas” have been “everyone”. “I was the first to be there… All that was missing! He was the president and you had to be with the president. We are also a party that has always cared for and respected each other and that we have recognized the work of those who take the lead”, he said

It is a different thing, in his opinion, “who has called into question the honorability of his Government and the management of the Community of Madrid”, something that he is going to take into account because they have worked “to the cent of a euro”, with “transparency and honesty”.


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