Friday, December 3

Ayuso claims that internal democracy “reaches the PP in Madrid”

“We come from the future and socialism comes out.” The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has participated this Saturday in a table of presidents and regional leaders of the PP during the congress of the party in Castilla-La Mancha in which she has charged harshly against socialism, of which she has said that the “three main characteristics” are “authoritarianism, division and the sharing of misery.” From this congress, the first after the PP National Convention in Valencia, Paco Núñez will be elected leader of the ‘popular’ Castilian-Manchegos, a casuistry that the Madrilenian has taken advantage of to claim that “the internal democracy of the parties also needs to reach the Madrid party “. “It is normal, as is happening in the rest of the communities,” he said in the middle of the internal war with Genoa on account of the presidency of the PP in Madrid.

The table, entitled ‘defense of the State of Autonomies and the autonomous model’ and in which little has been said about the autonomous model and much about the supposed capacity of the PP to govern, has been moderated by the deputy secretary of the party’s national organization, Ana Beltran. “All of us who are sitting here are the PP. We belong to a great family that, united, is unbeatable,” began an intervention in which he affirmed that they are all “at the service of the national project of President Pablo Casado.” Meanwhile, next to him, Ayuso read his cards and put on his bangs.

The Madrid leader, who received the biggest ovation, avoided in her speech references to these tensions with Pablo Casado and his number two, Teodoro García Egea, for the leadership of the party in the Community of Madrid. He had already warned him when he arrived at the event: “As I like things to be done with a good head and good sense, and I want everything to go well, I am not going to encourage or explain anything in between. say absolutely nothing that is detrimental to the image of the house “. Instead, he took his turn to speak to attack “socialism.” “They are experts in transferring poverty everywhere,” Ayuso said.

“The most authoritarian government since the dictatorship”

The Madrid president has stated that “since the dictatorship we have not had a more authoritarian government.” Ayuso, who on November 29 will attend the demonstration called against the reform of the Citizen Security Law, known as the ‘Gag Law’, has accused the Executive of pretending that the State Security Forces and Bodies “lose their authority, self-esteem and cannot work freely to protect us all. ”

Along the same lines, Ayuso has accused the Government of distributing European funds “in a discretionary manner and according to the political sign and the needs and agreements of Moncloa.” The Madrid executive has already announced his intention to take the distribution of funds to the courts, considering that “they contravene the equality of trafficking in the autonomous communities”, as said this Friday by the Minister of Economy, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty. Along the same lines, he has also accused the central executive of “applying unconstitutional states of alarm” during the pandemic “against the Community of Madrid” and with “false expert reports”. Although it is true that the Constitutional Court, at the request of Vox, by the minimum and with a part of its magistrates with the expired mandate, declared the first state of alarm illegal, it is no less true that the PP voted in favor of this measure in Congress.

In a calmer tone, but which has not been exempt from attacks on the PSOE, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has boasted that “after two years and ten months, Andalusia is not the same as the one we inherited after 40 years of socialism “because” it has gone from being that fiscal hell that socialism implants there where it governs to being one of the communities with the least fiscal pressure “. For his part, the president of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, has insisted on the need for “a government of the Popular Party chaired by Pablo Casado to make Spain work.” “We don’t need it in two years, we need it now,” he said.

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