Sunday, January 16

Ayuso closes the door to apply new restrictions due to the rebound in cases

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has warned that “there are many weeks of contagion” due to coronavirus in the region but that there will be “no closings or more prohibitions” despite the rebound in cases in recent days.

“There are coming weeks of a lot of contagion due to the new variant of Covid but this is not like the previous ones. That is why we consider that we must continue with the same policies,” he said through his Twitter account.

In addition, the head of the Madrid Executive has recommended “precaution” and “mass vaccination” to make it clear that it does not contemplate “closures or more prohibitions.”

This message from Díaz Ayuso comes after the Secretary of State for Communication has announced that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will convene this next week, the Conference of Presidents to address the situation of Covid-19 and strengthen co-governance and institutional cooperation.

The Primary Care Assistance Management has issued instructions to focus on the Covid Units to most of the 1,500 professionals hired in Primary Care as reinforcements against the pandemic and to join the work that these UACov carry out in the tracking of contacts, follow-up of the clinical situation, confirmatory studies due to the greater use of self-diagnostic tests.

In addition, in general, they will assist the care needs of the patient that may arise, such as the processing of sick leave and compliance with quarantine. Likewise, Primary Care professionals will carry out telephone follow-up to minor cases and those who require them in person.

Test record

This reinforcement comes at a time when the increase in demand for antigen tests for the detection of Covid-19 has led to a shortage of this product in pharmacies in the region and queues in health centers to request tests. PCR.

The appearance of the omicron variant of Covid-19, three times as contagious as the rest, and the proximity of Christmas dates, in which social contacts are increased indoors, have led people in Madrid to resort to these self-diagnostic tests to be able to meet your loved ones with the maximum possible tranquility.

Thus, the impact of the new epidemic peak on Primary Care activity is reflected in the increase in actions related to Covid, the highest in recent months with more than 284,000 inquiries this past Thursday.