Thursday, September 21

Ayuso defends his brother’s contract in Brussels: “There is nothing irregular, there is defenselessness and war between Prosecutors”

Isabel Díaz Ayuso announced a trip to Brussels to talk about fiscal autonomy. But she has not met with any European commissioner with competences on the economy or taxation, who would have told her that they are more in favor of harmonization and market unity than of exceptions not just state, but regional. The Madrid president wanted to talk about the war in Ukraine and its consequences, offer the Zendal, but the management is being done at the state level among the 27, and it has not been seen with who is closest to the conflict, as is the case of the boss of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell. And the tenant of the Puerta del Sol says that she has denounced the lack of information about the European funds to her colleagues from the PP in the European Parliament, on the same day that the European Prosecutor’s Office has charged the State Attorney General’s Office for not delivering the case of the contracts from which the European institution benefited – with up to 283,000 euros in commissions as recognized by the Madrid Executive –, insofar as European funds were used, precisely.

The Community of Madrid confirms that Ayuso’s brother collected from his friend’s company the 283,000 euros that Casado attributed to a commission

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Coincidentally, one of Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s interlocutors this Tuesday, the Bulgarian Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, for Innovation, knows how the European Public Prosecutor’s Office works: its chief of ranks, the former Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, also from the European PP, is in the prison after an investigation for corruption instructed by the community institution.

Díaz Ayuso has also met Roberta Metsola “for a while”, in a meeting that was not even on the European Parliament’s public agenda: “We have had a meeting with Metsola, she is a pride, a young woman, a political reference. We have talked about the advances in the Community and that we want to give the Madrid medal to Volodímir Zelensky, the same one that we gave two years ago to the president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, for his defense of the freedom of his people. It’s an honor to be with a woman like her for a while.”

And what do you think of the efforts of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office? “There is nothing irregular here, everything has been done in accordance with the law. Now there is a war between prosecutors outside the Community of Madrid. There is a feeling of helplessness, and if someone asks us for more information, we will act. Everything is correct, it is a question of clarifying and telling us when it ends. No one knows what’s going on, something like this has never happened before. There is an interest in prolonging it, in dirtying it. When there is nothing, you have no choice but to be patient”.

Ayuso assures that none of his interlocutors has asked him about the case: “I don’t know why this contract is being talked about and not others. It is a political war to try to wear down. I have not used a single euro of public money or a minute to benefit anyone. There is no misuse of funds, there is no more to talk about.”

“My brother has not benefited,” says Ayuso, from whom he received 283,000 euros in commissions from contracts signed with the Community of Madrid: “There has been no misappropriation of funds, I did not become aware of this contract until a year later. I can do nothing but defend myself. I don’t feel like a victim, I just say that I’m defenseless because I don’t know what else to explain.”