Monday, August 15

Ayuso dismisses the general comptroller of the Community of Madrid without giving explanations

Ayuso remodels his Executive at intermediate levels. The Governing Council of the Community of Madrid has decided this Wednesday dismissals and appointments that affect several ministries and among which the one that affects the General Intervention stands out. This is the body in charge of controlling all the economic-financial management of the regional public sector, its effectiveness and the accounting control of the regional accounts.

Ayuso creates a vice presidency for Ossorio to prepare the PP program from the Government of the Community of Madrid

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The comptroller, Marta García Miranda, leaves her post without the Government having given any kind of explanation about the decision. Asked about this matter, from the Ministry of Economy they have chosen not to make “assessments of the dismissals”. Nor of the rest of those that have been communicated this week and that affect the ministries of Education, Health and Family, Youth and Social Policy.

Less than a year before the elections, the Madrid Executive dispenses with Marta García Miranda at the head of the general intervention. García Miranda came to this body in 2001 and assumed the Accounting General Subdirectorate in 2002. She was appointed General Controller in October 2019, already with Isabel Díaz Ayuso in Puerta del Sol. She will occupy the position after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid Francisco Javier Carmena.

It is not a minor position. The General Intervention is in charge of supervising the use of public money in the Community of Madrid from various axes. It does so from the prior inspection of any act, file or document likely to produce rights or obligations of economic content, even through financial controls of autonomous bodies, companies and public entities in terms of economic-financial operation.

Among its responsibilities is also the performance of an annual audit of the accounts of the consortiums attached to the Community and the preparation of reports on the fulfillment of the budgetary stability objectives. In addition, it participates in the Consultative Board of Administrative Contracting of the Community of Madrid and in the Superior Board of Finance.

Until now, Carmena held the position of technical secretary general of the Ministry of Health, where she will be replaced by the current secretary general of the Madrid Health Service, Antonio López Porto.

As reported by the vice president, Minister of Education and spokesman for the regional government, Enrique Ossorio, Mar Pérez Merino is also appointed general technical secretary of his area, which is newly created after his promotion to the vice presidency. The rest of the changes affect the Ministry of Family, in which the general director of Children, Family and Birth Promotion, Alberto San Juan, is dismissed to appoint the PP deputy in Congress Silvia Valmaña Ochaíta.

This is the second change in his Executive that Ayuso has made in less than a month. In mid-June, the president created a vice presidency for her Education Minister, Enrique Ossorio. At that time, unlike now, the also leader of the PP in Madrid pointed out that “the first mission” that she had “entrusted” to her was to prepare the electoral program for the 2023 elections from this new government position and not from a party.