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Ayuso doubled spending on concerts and contracts with private healthcare in 2022

The Madrid Health Service (Sermas) presented its 2022 annual accounts on Friday at the last board of directors of the legislature, which also includes the unions of the sectoral table. After analyzing the figures presented, Comisiones Obreras denounces that spending on concerts and contracts with private healthcare has doubled this year, with a year-on-year increase of 82%. SERMAS once again spends much more than budgeted in the regional accounts: of the 8,783 million forecast, spending has skyrocketed to 11,439.7 million euros, which the CCOO attributes to this spending on concerts and on contracts with companies linked to the health. An increase of 2,513 million euros motivated in large part by a 55.9% increase in hospital concerts.

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“The accounts of the regional government do not add up, as far as Health is concerned,” denounces the union, which voted against the accounts presented by Sermas. The “deviation” of the accounts, presented by the Executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, is explained “by a very notable increase in expenses in hospital concerts, more than 695.1 million euros, 55.9% more than in 2021” , until reaching “1,938 million euros”.

“In the history it can be seen that, since 2019, this expense has almost doubled (+94.1%).” A fifth of the current total budget, they add, is allocated to the privatization of services. The Ministry accuses the union of confusing the terms of financial and budgetary accounting when speaking of deviation in the accounts.

In addition to the hospital concerts that began in the time of Esperanza Aguirre, in the CCOO they explain to that there are other services transferred to companies related to health that explain this budget increase for private health, such as analysis, diagnostic tests or the privatized blood donation in favor of the Red Cross. “While money transfers to private healthcare skyrocket, there is a reduction in the rest of current spending on goods and services (where the different supplies are) of about -75.9 million euros (-2.9%) ”, they denounce from the union.

less professional

Another of the data that the CCOO collects on the accounts presented is striking. Public health personnel have fallen by 3,947 people in one year. If in March 2022 the workforce consisted of 82,445 professionals, in March 2023 it has decreased to 78,498 people. It is also less than the one in March 2021, when 83,401 professionals worked at Sermas.

“These facts and data contrast with the need for professionals in the Community of Madrid, and with the huge waiting lists, and delays in Primary Care or the non-return of rights taken from the workforce, such as the 35-hour day,” they denounce from CCOO. “There is a very moderate increase in personnel expenses (1.4%) that contrasts with what happened in the previous year during the pandemic. Like the year 2021, the report does not provide any type of breakdown on the composition of personnel spending (variation in staff, structure, salary increases…) ”, they lament.

The union also denounces that the Ayuso government stopped investing 20% ​​in health infrastructure (63 million euros) in 2022 while maintaining closed beds on floors, wings and hospital towers, “others in a painful situation, and health centers that are they fall”.

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