Tuesday, March 28

Ayuso explains that his brother charged 55,000 euros for his efforts in the masks but admits other payments from the company that he will not detail

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has issued a statement in which she assures that her brother’s commission for the hand-picked contract from her Government to Priviet Sportive, owned by a friend of the president, amounted to 55,850 euros . “The invoice to Priviet Sportive is not a commission for obtaining the contract from the Administration, but the collection of the steps taken to obtain the material in China and its transfer to Madrid, which is different. It is a consideration for their work, not a brokerage commission,” says the Madrid president.

Ayuso admits, however, that there were other payments from the company to his brother but defends that he will not detail them. “I do not have to give an account of the rest of the invoices because they are not related to the Community of Madrid and my brother has the right to his privacy. I hope that with this explanation no one doubts my honorability or my exemplary character,” says the president. .