Saturday, April 1

Ayuso forgets his last photo in Zendal two weeks ago to promote aid to Ukraine

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has opened a new war against the Government, this time, on behalf of the refugees arriving from Ukraine after Putin’s invasion. Ayuso wants Ukrainian citizens who arrive in Madrid to register at the Enfermera Isabel Zendal emergency hospital, but the Executive of Pedro Sánchez -competent in the matter- had already set up a refugee reception center in Pozuelo in a building that belongs to the Ministry of Social Security and Migration, where once registered they are granted a residence permit.

Asked about this in an interview on Antena 3, the Madrid president has assured that the Government’s only desire is to go against the emergency hospital because it is the “scourge of the Government” and take “the photo”. “I haven’t even gone to Zendal to take a picture of myself,” assured the Madrid president. An affirmation that denies the hemeroteca. The reality is that Ayuso went just two weeks ago, on March 7, to the emergency hospital accompanied by the Ukrainian ambassador and the Minister of the Presidency, Enrique López, to take, precisely, a photo with the logistics and assistance operation for refugees of Ukraine with the Zendal Hospital as the epicenter to channel the aid.

“As is the Zendal, a public hospital that has been created for emergencies and pandemics that has amazed the world, and since it is the scourge of the Government and the left, they have to boycott it again and again when they do not attack, and for that reason they refuse”, he assured about the government’s rejection of his offer for the refugees to pass and register at the pandemic hospital where he wants to give them a medical check-up.

“They tell us that it is working really well, that you have wanted to create one in parallel at the Zendal hospital, that this does not make any sense because it is something state and not regional, that they do not fully understand why in Madrid it is a problem when in the rest of the communities do not exist”, Susana Griso responded to Ayuso’s insistence.

Griso’s words have bothered the regional president more, who has insisted: “We have offered the Zendal from the first moment and they decided that it had to be Pozuelo without warning, they did not even notify the mayor herself, who had to find out by the chief of Police and Sánchez went to take the photo taking advantage of the fact that we had a plenary session”. “I haven’t even gone to Zendal to take a picture,” she added.

The presenter and journalist has then insisted that the Pozuelo center “is an institution that belongs to Social Security”, they have 400 places “so that these people can stay to sleep or they can stay until they find a residence”, and they also have to Santander “which has given them part of the City of Santander in Boadilla, which is therefore close”. “That is to say, they have arguments for it to be there and not at Zendal”, Griso added. Ayuso ran out of arguments.