Sunday, November 28

Ayuso, in El Hormiguero: “I am loyal to Casado but also free and I have my own criteria”

In the midst of the battle for control of the PP in Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso went to the television program El Hormiguero on Tuesday – audience leader in that prime time slot – to make her position clear: “I am loyal to Pablo Casado , but I am also a person with my own and free criteria, “he assured by sending a message to his party: he is not going to withdraw from the race for the presidency of the PP in Madrid. The Madrid leader has warned: she will not stop fighting because “the ballot box gives her more freedom than the offices.”

Ayuso has been loved this Tuesday in the Hormiguero where she has been received by the public with a “president, president.” Faced with these expressions of affection, the Madrid leader has assured that she tries to keep her feet on the ground because “everything that goes up, comes down.” The Madrid president has recognized the importance of “controlling the lists” and has defended that now “many make them” and wants to have her hands free to be able to design her team. “The thing about the lists is not nonsense because it is important that you take responsibility, now the lists are made by many so you cannot take responsibility in the same way,” he said.

Ayuso has nevertheless ruled out that he wants to unseat Pablo Casado from the presidency of the PP since, as he has affirmed, his aspiration is only regional. “I cannot be clearer that my life is the Community of Madrid. I do not have a political career, mine begins and ends in the Community of Madrid,” he assured, transferring a message of tranquility to Genoa.

The Madrid president has also spoken about her relationship with the mayor of Madrid and national spokesperson for the PP, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, now that his name sounds to dispute the presidency of the PP from Ayuso with the approval of the leadership of Pablo Casado. Ayuso has defended that the relationship between the two is good and that her intention is for her to be part of her executive in case she wins the primaries. “I have always said that he will always be on my team,” he assured.

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