Monday, November 28

Ayuso is booed when visiting the victims of metro line 7b by surprise and more than a year late

It is the first time that Ayuso has attended a meeting with those affected by the works on Metro line 7b in San Fernando de Henares. The Community of Madrid is recognized responsible for the damage and dozens of residents have been out of their homes for more than a year. They will not be able to return, because they have been demolished. They have not yet received the corresponding compensation. The president has taken a year to appear in the area, despite requests from those affected, and she has done so by surprise.

A year in an aparthotel and with no house in sight due to the cracks in line 7b of the Madrid metro

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The visit was not on his agenda and from his cabinet the media were notified just half an hour before, the time it takes to get from the Assembly, where he was, to the municipality. However, this has not prevented dozens of those affected from receiving it with boos and shouts of “Responsible Ayuso, guilty metro”.

The President arrived in San Fernando this morning flanked by her Vice President, Enrique Ossorio, whose visit was planned, and her Ministers for Transport, David Pérez, and for Housing, Paloma Martín, and came face to face with posters in which it read “demolished houses, ruined lives” and demanded compensation for the demolition of houses. Compensation that has been delayed and that Pérez’s council attributed to the paperwork that the victims must complete.

Ayuso announced this Thursday the creation of a Personalized Attention Office that the neighbors demanded, but that until now the Community had rejected.

In addition, Ayuso has announced the construction of a large green area with sports and children’s facilities in the area affected by Metro line 7b that Esperanza Aguirre built, ignoring the technical reports that advised him against inaugurating the work on the verge of elections. “There is not a single measure that can be adopted and that we are not adopting,” the president has now assured, seven months before returning to the polls and on an issue that she is especially concerned about in the Executive.

“I am sorry for what happened and what you are experiencing. I don’t even want to imagine what you are experiencing after so many years”, said Ayuso. “It is not worth saying that we have not provoked it, because I have to assume responsibility as an administration for this,” assured the president, who, if she has vindicated Aguirre on multiple occasions, in this matter she strives to make a difference.

The evictions in San Fernando have been taking place in recent months in stages. In September , 24 families had to leave their homes with what they were wearing. Pérez said that when they returned to their homes they would do so “with the absolute peace of mind that it is the most solid building in Spain”, but two months later they were torn down. For a year, the Community rehoused them in aparthotels, but on September 21 the administration did not renew the emergency order and these affected remained on the street. In exchange, the council offered them 798 euros a month for six months to pay the rent and promised to add the difference in the cost of the rent to the compensation.

These are the families that are in a more critical situation, especially because of the waiting time, but they are not the only ones. In total, 72 households have been rehoused. The platforms of those affected have been demanding the visit of the Madrid president for months. When she entered the new office this morning, one of these neighborhood organizations wondered if she “is afraid to listen to her citizens.” “Ayuso disembarks secretly to inaugurate a completely escorted propaganda office,” they accused on her Twitter account.

Ayuso has also announced that the regional government will allocate 10 million euros to land consolidation work, which began this week on an area of ​​10,000 square meters, and which is added to the 30 already invested in housing rehabilitation and land stabilization , and that the Community will build a new wastewater storage tank in the municipality, with an investment of five million.

These boos take place a day after those received by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in the military parade on October 12. Precisely, the PP spokesperson in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, recommended to the chief executive that he “go out into the streets, not become a denier. He must be uncomfortable with so much booing. It is not organized, it is Spanish society, which is getting fed up”. The one who went out on the street this Thursday, with half an hour’s notice, was Ayuso.