Wednesday, July 6

Ayuso is crowned again as president of the Community of Madrid

The chosen day was not accidental. Today, June 19, is the seventh anniversary of the coronation of Felipe VI, and it has been the day chosen by Isabel Díaz Ayuso to take office again as president of the Community of Madrid, just a few hours after being invested this Friday in the Assembly of Madrid with the votes of PP and Vox, and with all the opposition from the left. Everything was measured on this coming day, with Ayuso visibly excited for a short term that will end in 2023, now ruling alone but with Vox setting the agenda from day one.

The act began after twelve noon in Puerta del Sol, headquarters of the regional government. After a few brief words from the president of the Madrid Assembly Table, Ayuso has promised – not sworn – the position again. This Saturday has become for Ayuso “one of the most important days” of his life, “more than if I got married,” he assured after his speech in informal conversation with journalists.

After a week of controversial statements about the monarchy and the pardons – hinting that the king should not sign them – Ayuso dedicated a few words from his brief speech to congratulate the royal birthday: “Madrid, which owes its history to having been Court, as Madrid , Spain and the Monarchy are inseparable, today he congratulates the king of all and for all on the seventh anniversary of his proclamation “.

Visibly moved, the proclaimed president has assured that the 4M elections were “worth it.” The reality is that the scenario has radically changed compared to two years ago, when Ayuso was sworn in as president in discount time in the middle of August. The reluctance of Ciudadanos with the extreme right after refusing to sit at a table for three was the cause then.

Now the panorama is another one with a total harmony with the extreme right, as it was demonstrated this Friday in the investiture debate, when Ayuso embraced the postulates of Santiago Abascal’s party and even came out in his defense to attack the opposition that made pineapple against the racist attacks by Rocío Monasterio, the Vox spokeswoman, on the Senegalese deputy of United We Can, Serigne Mbayé.

Today Monastery was one of the star guests and even came with a gift for the president of Madrid. Despite what it had said days before, Vox will no longer support the investigation commission of the residences promoted again by the opposition. “We are not going to support a commission from the left that comes with revanchist interests.” The harmony is total between Ayuso and the extreme right.

In addition to Monastery, in the first row have also been the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, – seated to the left of Ayuso – and all the ‘popular’ regional presidents who have come to shelter his partner in the ranks – Alberto Núñez Feijóo ( Galicia), Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (Castilla y León), Fernando López Miras (Murcia) and Juan Manuel Moreno (Andalusia) -. Ayuso appreciated the presence of all of them, in an act in which all the councilors – those who repeat and the new ones – and the former regional presidents except Joaquín Leguina (of the Socialist Government) and Ignacio González were present.

“It has become a benchmark for its proximity. It is the best president to promote economic recovery,” said Mañueco upon his arrival. Feijóo congratulated Ayuso although he lowered the souffle that the Madrid leader has been proclaiming after the 4M elections about whether her model should be exported to other regions governed by the popular: “they were regional elections and the project was for Madrid,” said the Galician president, the only one who governs with a majority absolute.

The great absence has been that of Moncloa. No representative of the Government has attended this Saturday to the inauguration of Ayuso. This was not the case with the inauguration of Feijóo in which Minister Carolina Darias was present. Also in that of Iñigo Urkullu in Euskadi, Fernando Grande Marlaska attended. And in the last of Pere Aragonés in Catalonia, the minister Miquel Iceta.

The lack of government representatives has not overshadowed the joy of Ayuso, who has delivered a speech in which he summarized the measures announced this Thursday in the gallery of the regional Parliament. The recently proclaimed regional president has highlighted the “strength” of Madrid and has claimed that nothing has ever been “foreign” to the region and they have “never hidden their heads”, nor have they looked “the other way”. “Here you come to live in peace, yes. But also to be where the important thing happens,” he stressed.

“Sometimes we forget that we were made the capital of a world, that of Spain and Latin America, of which we are heirs. Here all forms of Spanish and Hispanic come together. That is why one of my objectives is to make the Community of Madrid, the capital of Spanish in Europe, “he remarked.

Ayuso has insisted that Madrid has become “everyone’s second home: for those looking for a new opportunity, living with the most creative, or lost freedom.” Except if you want to be a young mother, under 30 years old, for which a registration certificate of at least 10 years is required. All those adoption Madrid women are left without the ‘check baby’ of 14,500 euros. “Supporting motherhood and families will be one of the reasons for being my mandate,” he assured.

A speech that lasted 13 minutes and ended with the Spanish anthem. Once the embraced and greeted were finished, Ayuso left through the main door of Puerta del Sol to continue hugging the dozens of people who have gathered to congratulate her. “From here to Moncloa”, shouted a spontaneous who was followed by a few more. Inside, oblivious to all this, he was still Married.