Tuesday, February 20

Ayuso justifies charging more than Pedro Sánchez: “I don’t have a falcon and nobody pays for my home”

The president of the Community of Madrid charges almost 20% more than the Government. Isabel Díaz Ayuso pockets 103,090.32 euros per year, compared to 86,542 euros for Pedro Sánchez. The controversy has jumped over the 4% rise that the central Executive will apply for 2023 and that will raise the president’s salary to 90,000 euros. The Madrid president has criticized the measure and has justified this Monday receiving more money than Sánchez. “I don’t have a falcon, nobody pays me for my address, etc.”, she has said in an interview on Trece TV.

“We regional presidents each have [un sueldo], also based on the population and the Gross Domestic Product of our regions and it is not in my mind that anyone from my Council of Government or anyone upload them, but to leave them frozen even longer because no one understands otherwise, “said Ayuso . In her intervention, the president has ignored evidence: Spain has more population than the Community of Madrid.

In addition, the president has boasted of having “the Government, I think, more stable in Spain.” “Firstly because I am not a friend of making crises and cutting heads, because that would mean that I made a bad choice at the time”, she has justified. Ayuso provoked an electoral repetition in May 2021 after blowing up his coalition Executive with Ciudadanos, whom he erased from the map in the Madrid Assembly, with accusations that they planned to support a motion of censure against him, which from the party led by Inés Arrimadas denied.

Ayuso, who has maintained his nine directors since the beginning of this short term, has made any changes. The main one, the promotion as vice president of his Minister of Education Enrique Ossorio, which led to a salary increase, even above that of the president herself, up to 112,351 euros. But it has also caused other movements at intermediate levels of his government, with changes between his deputy ministries and general directorates, which have mainly affected the health area. The last and most notable, that of Antonio Zapatero, whom he put in charge of COVID and who is now under the orders of the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, in the party.

During the same interview, the Madrid president also defended her vice president, after the controversy that arose last week when she stated that families have already overcome the death of the elderly in residences during the worst of the first wave of the pandemic, in which the Ministry of Health sent a protocol in which it prevented its transfer to hospitals in certain cases. “The words have been twisted. They have sought reprobation for him. Vox has joined it again. I can’t understand it”, said Ayuso.

Along the same lines, he has maintained that “the left constantly needs to rewrite this story to survive, to have excuses to take it to court in certain municipalities, especially if they are from the left, to take out a banner” and make it “murderer ”.