Monday, September 27

Ayuso launches for the presidency of the PP of Madrid

Isabel Díaz Ayuso makes the leap to preside over the Popular Party in Madrid. The great support at the polls on May 4 for her candidacy to preside over the Community of Madrid has finished convincing the Madrid leader to take the leap to lead – and thus control – the regional party, a decision that no one doubted within the party. The congress in which the new leader of the Madrid PP will be elected and to which Ayuso will present himself, according to EFE, will be held between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.

The candidacy was already assumed by a large majority of the party that does not doubt that Ayuso will become the next leader of the PP in Madrid after her overwhelming victory at the polls in 4M. Touching the absolute majority gives it legitimacy to present itself, according to some leaders, and its defenders already advance that “it would be difficult to explain that it was not supported” because “it has allowed the PP to once again be a majority voted party.”

The national leadership had raffled off supporting her as a candidate in recent months and even launched the Madrid mayor into the pools. But finally, the first endorsement of his future leadership came at the beginning of June, when the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea. He assured that he would bet on Ayuso if he had to vote in the regional congress in Madrid.

Currently, the leadership of the PP in Madrid is in the hands of Pío García-Escudero. Genoa appointed him president in 2018 to replace Cristina Cifuentes, after his resignation as a result of the Master Case uncovered by

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