Saturday, December 10

Ayuso leads the way for Feijóo: “I want the PP to come to Moncloa not only focus on managing”

The president of the Community of Madrid once again goes beyond her powers and has marked this Monday the roadmap of a hypothetical PP government. “I want that when the Popular Party arrives in Moncloa it not only focuses on managing and fixing the economic mess, which it will do, that it make a drastic reduction in public spending, taxes and make the market more flexible, that it eradicate all sectarian politics that it only divides”, he stated in an informative meeting organized by El Mundo.

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During her speech, Isabel Díaz Ayuso has referred on several occasions to what the national PP, chaired by Alberto Núñez Feijóo, must do if it arrives at Moncloa. “I speak of the national discourse because Madrid goes from the local to the universal”, defended the Madrid president, who has insisted that the party should focus on management, but also on “defending a way of seeing life”. “There is no liberal government without its consequent demonstration of the left at the door”, she has presumed.

Asked about the absence of an ideological presentation by the national PP, Ayuso insisted that “more than having the presentation, the important thing is what the PP does when it arrives in Moncloa.” “”We must defend a way of seeing life, which actually unites all citizens, the vast majority of citizens, who are right now prisoners of sectarian interests and professional haters of Spain and that must be corrected with all the sectarian laws that have divided the citizens and that are tilting to the left and the extreme left, so that when the PP now reaches the institutions, which is what is going to happen, it has no margin to correct it”, he said.

“Many reforms and political projects must be carried out,” Ayuso insisted. As Madrid goes from the local to the universal, the president has also given Feijóo duties in international politics. For her, it is necessary to “promote Hispanic heritage, which is our greatest work as a country and which we have abandoned over the decades and which we will pay for in an increasingly globalized world, in which Asia does not stand still and Europe looks at each other. herself without realizing that she has specific problems”.

Facing the number two of the PP, Cuca Gamarra, Ayuso has ignored the president of the party during practically the entire intervention. He has only mentioned it on one occasion: “There is no doubt that the Community of Madrid will continue to lower these taxes and will continue to combat this policy of legal insecurity and voracious collection, as Alberto Núñez Feijóo has denounced many times.”

Ayuso has defended his fiscal policy and has accused the central government of being “massing the largest political piggy bank in the history of democracy” and that he is “saving it for his election year.” “We Spaniards are going to pay for the political campaign. In fact, we are already paying for it. Every announcement that the president makes between now and December 10, 2023, is sponsored by the suffocated, fed up and mistreated Spanish taxpayer”, he has charged. The Madrid president announced more than 60 measures two weeks ago, eight months before the regional elections.

In the same line, the president has accused the coalition Executive of privatizing “the public in favor of its messages and its political interests” and of carrying out “the strategy of the woodworm” with which today everything is “about to collapse.” to collapse”. “Everything, except the current account of the Government and all the equipment that surrounds it,” she said. And she has especially charged against “a disrespectful, tyrannical, grotesque and useless ministry, such as that of Equality, which only seeks to impose social engineering.”