Monday, November 28

Ayuso leaves Madrid Primary Care in the hands of Almudena Quintana, Quirónsalud doctor

The Ministry of Health of Madrid is already preparing the landing of the new manager of Primary Care in its organization chart, after the resignation “for medical and personal reasons” of Sonia Martínez Machuca last week, in the midst of a crisis due to the restructuring of out-of-hospital emergencies and with a strike called from this Tuesday. For this position, the Government of Ayuso will trust Almudena Quintana Morgado, an emergency doctor at the General University Hospital of Villalba, public but privately managed by Quirónsalud, and with no management experience, according to sources consulted by this medium.

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The appointment, which has not yet been effective, was communicated this Friday at an extraordinary board of directors of the Madrid Health Service (Sermas), as confirmed to the general secretary of the Amyts union, Ángela Hernández, and sources from the Workers’ Commissions, present at the meeting, and it will be made official this Wednesday, at the Community Governing Council.

The board of directors is a consultative body, in which the participants have a voice, but no vote in the election of the Primary Care management. From Amyts they confirm that both union organizations voted against the appointment of Quintana Morgado due to “absence of the development of the regulations of the good governance law”. “We voted against, not because of the merits of the candidate, who did not present them, but because of the procedure itself,” says Hernández.

The Law of Good Governance and Professionalization of the management of the Health Centers and Organizations of the Madrid Health Service, approved in 2017 in the Community of Madrid, sought to avoid arbitrariness and politicization of senior management and management positions in the region. According to the sources consulted, from the administration they assure that the appointment of the Primary Care management should not be governed by this rule and that their appointment is the exclusive power of Sermas.

For this same reason, the Workers’ Commissions tried to challenge this summer the appointment of Manuel José Guite, intensivist and Brigadier General medical officer in the reserve as manager of Summa 112. An appointment that took place after the dismissal of Pablo Busca, in which he has been one more chapter in the series of dismissals and resignations in the Ministry of Health in Madrid in recent months.

Quintana Morgado is an emergency doctor at the Villalba General Hospital. This center is public, but privately managed. Specifically, it is in the hands of Quirónsalud, a company with very good relations with the Community of Madrid. The spokeswoman for Más Madrid, Mónica García, has assured through her twitter account that “the Government of Ayuso is going to appoint as manager of Primary Care a doctor from a hospital in Quirón, with no management experience and who does not even I worked in Primary Care.

“Indeed, it seems that he does not have a long management experience,” sources consulted by this means agree. Throughout the morning, the hospital’s website, which shows the doctor’s professional profile, is no longer available.