Sunday, July 3

Ayuso makes a custom PP and reconciles with Almeida to “demonstrate” in 2023 “that 4M was not an anecdote”

Isabel Díaz Ayuso already acts as president of the PP in Madrid. Almost a year after launching the race to lead the party of the region that has governed since 2019, and after having taken the national leadership of his ex-friend Pablo Casado ahead in his efforts, Ayuso has been enthroned in the Bulgarian way, without an opponent. , and will occupy the chair where Esperanza Aguirre or Cristina Cifuentes previously sat. Minutes after the result of the vote is known, the mystery is non-existent. No one has dared to oppose the leader. And those who did it in the long battle that confronted Pablo Casado have been laminated. All except the mayor, José Luis Martínez Almeida. Ayuso counts on him and a direction to his absolute measure for his next objective: to take the result of the 4M to all corners of Madrid in the municipal and regional elections of May 2023. With special attention to the south of Madrid, the last bastion of the left .

Ayuso and Almeida seal the peace to face the double appointment with the 2023 polls

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Ayuso lives installed in the elections of May 4, 2021. So much so, that she has even recalled the candidacy of the former secretary general of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, and has addressed a few words to him that have included a reference to her family home in Galapagar. “Iglesias considered that by coming down from the Galapagar mansion to harangue the former neighbor of the neighborhood, the campaign was done,” she said. From that appointment with the polls arises her power in the PP, until now more political and media than organic. Despite not achieving an absolute majority that many of her predecessors in office can boast of, a year ago she won an incontestable victory that allowed her not to include Vox in a joint government, although the Madrid leader says without any blush that she governs “in coalition” with the extreme right.

From that call, which Pablo Casado tried to avoid, also arises the empowerment that led her to challenge the leadership of her former friend, and demand the command of the Madrid PP. She won and took Casado and Teodoro García Egea ahead. Without expressly mentioning them in her speech as the only candidate, before a plenary devoted to any word that comes from her mouth, Ayuso released some pearls that few doubt that they were addressed to her arch-enemies. “You have to be serious, or else to your house,” she said. “We cannot lock ourselves in offices and headquarters,” she added. “I don’t believe in a sectarian [por secretario] general, that drags by fear; but in the one that unites by conviction, because the desire is stronger than the fears”, he concluded.

A PP to suit you

Ayuso has made it clear that the Madrid PP that will leave this XVII Regional Congress on Saturday will be an organization to its exact measure. He pointed it out on Friday morning, in an intervention before the press outside the congress program and in which he said that he did not intend to respect any of the ideological or territorial quotas that usually define the checks and balances of political organizations. .

No sooner said than done. Ayuso has laminated the entire outgoing leadership of the PP in Madrid. With some, as with the imminent former president, Pío García Escudero, he has had affectionate words. He has barely mentioned others, such as the outgoing general secretary, Ana Camins, who sounded like a “third way” alternative to Ayuso and Almeida when Casado proposed the mayor as an option for the leadership of the PP against the president. Nor to Carlos Izquierdo (his adviser for Social Policies and Family), to Borja Carabante (in charge of Almeida), to David Pérez (his adviser for Housing), to Marimar Blanco (responsible for Programs) or to Almudena Negro (Communication). A brief parting line in his speech and something else.

The Camins route did not work out and now it will pass to a better life within the PP of Madrid. But Almeida will live a second life. “The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, will be first on the Steering Committee”, Ayuso said in his speech. “Why? Because José Luis and I are two halves as everyone knows for organizational reasons, he headed one electoral list and I another in 2019. That was it, we were two lists, but the same team and despite the difficult times we have experienced José Luis and I, especially with the pandemic, have worked with absolute coordination and now we have the most important challenge in 2023 and we will face it again together”. The weight of the mayor is endorsed by the entry into the new direction of the spokesperson for Almeida in the City Council, Inmaculada Sanz, as deputy secretary of Sectorial.

Above will be Alfonso Serrano as secretary general. The still spokesman for the PP in the Madrid Assembly (a position that he will leave in the coming days) will be Ayuso’s right hand in the organization. He abandons other responsibilities to focus on the electoral process in May of next year, in which the Madrid PP aspires to consolidate an almost unprecedented power in the region. It remains to be seen if it surpasses the one achieved by Esperanza Aguirre in 2011, when the entire map was dyed blue.

Then, Aguirre managed to penetrate the municipalities in the south of the region, a true bastion of the Madrid left. Among the big ones, only the municipality of Fuenlabrada (governed historically by the PSOE) and, further east, Rivas-Vaciamadrid, in the hands of the IU for decades, were spared in that offensive.

Eye on 2023

The task that the PP of Madrid now has ahead of it is to draw the candidacies for the next municipal elections of 2023. “I would like to start with the appointments of the largest municipalities to the smallest,” Ayuso said this Friday. The goal is for the party to hold local assemblies in the areas where there are managers and for all the names to be clear even before the summer, with an eye on the patron saint festivities that will take place around that time in various municipalities in the region. perfect spaces to make yourself known. “It is important that they are in the street with the neighbors”, considered the president.

With the electoral poster already defined, Ayuso wants to hold an ideological convention in October. The rush to carry out the conclave these days has usurped from this congress the presentations that could have been made if it had been ordinary, and not extraordinary, as it has finally happened. “Since this Congress is extraordinary, I want the rest of the organization to participate and continue to propose new policies for the Community of Madrid with their ideas,” Ayuso explained in the morning.

The truth is that during her speeches she once again insisted on the ideas that she has been highlighting since the beginning of a campaign, in which she is the only candidate: “The PP, in addition to a large portfolio of services and management, has some values ​​and He knows which side of history he wants to be on.” Among those “values” that Ayuso highlights is “giving all the battles”. He has also not missed the opportunity to attack the “most authoritarian government since the dictatorship” that is dedicated to “questioning the institutions that make us strong in this country” and that “is getting smaller and smaller.”

The president of the Community held her great campaign event ahead of this Congress on May 4. He also took the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of his triumph in the 2021 regional elections. And he also did it in Fuenlabrada, a traditional fiefdom of the left, where the PSOE has been governing since 1976. “We believe in the south of Madrid” , he said then, mentioning Fuenlabrada itself, Leganés, Móstoles or Getafe. The day of this Friday has been a clear example of the interest of the new leadership of the party to become strong in an area where voters tend to forget the PP in the municipal elections.

During his final speech, Ayuso addressed the Andalusian president Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, whom he congratulated for showing that “socialism comes out of it”. “This is what I intend to see happen in Fuenlabrada, in Alcorcón, in Getafe, in Móstoles, in Leganés, in Alcalá, in Alcobendas or in San Sebastián de los Reyes”, he admitted in the face of the next regional elections in 2023.

The formation of this 17th Extraordinary Congress of the PP is a declaration of intent. Its president is Miguel Ángel Recuenco, the head of the party in Leganés. “The southern zone of Madrid feels represented by me and any of my colleagues from the southern zone could be occupying this position,” he said upon his arrival at pavilion 6 of IFEMA. Already from the lectern he launched “a little nod to the members of the south of the Community of Madrid, a metropolitan area where more than a million people live” and where more, he said, have “suffered the policies of the left”.

“We have to come out with the conviction that we are going to govern in cities that do not have socialist mayors, they have feudal lords,” said Recuenco before admitting that his appointment in the conclave was “a bet on the south.” “The south is a priority for me, because I believe in the potential it has,” agreed Ayuso. During the interventions the allusions to this zone of the Community have been habitual. “You have to help me achieve an ‘ayuser’ majority in the Madrid City Council and help free the southern municipalities from the chains of the left”, demanded the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez-Almeida to his “partner Isa”.