Tuesday, July 5

Ayuso meets with Sánchez determined to continue fighting the battle against the Government after his re-election

Almost a year after Pedro Sánchez and Isabel Díaz Ayuso met at Puerta del Sol – where they ended up known as the photo of the flags-, little has changed in the relations between the two political leaders. Then, the data of the pandemic triggered in the Community of Madrid led to a meeting of which the Socialists ended up regretting, when they were caught in the game of the Madrid president, who used the meeting to charge against the Government. Ten months later, the president and the regional leader meet again. On this occasion, at the Palacio de la Moncloa. The reason is also very different, and inevitable: a formal visit due to Ayuso’s recent inauguration after the May 4 elections, which the PP leader has decided to use to continue attacking the Executive.

The positions between the two leaders remain irreconcilable. Ayuso, who prevailed with a wide margin in the elections under the banner of her confrontation of what she called “sanchismo”, is determined to continue making the confrontation with the Government her beats motiv as president of Madrid. In Moncloa they frame the meeting in the protocol that is applied regularly when an autonomous president takes office, and they regret that the Madrid leader is in constant opposition to each of his decisions.

Ayuso has disagreed in everything of the decisions of the coalition government in the last year and a half: in education, in health, in taxation, in economics … And all the messages of the president in recent days suggest that the meeting of this Friday it will continue to influence that confrontational strategy. “We are not going to go so much to demand that they give us as to ask that they let us work and that they leave us in peace and that they do not change the country through the back door,” Ayuso said this Thursday during his speech at the Madrid Assembly .

The government’s position has been to ignore Ayuso’s provocations, except during the electoral campaign, when Pedro Sánchez decided to go down into the mud of the political brawl for a few days. Targeting La Moncloa was the initial strategy from Puerta del Sol, when the Madrid president called early elections and coined the slogan “socialism or freedom.” Shortly after, the campaign turned into a duel between Ayuso’s management and that of the central Executive. In the midst of this scenario, in which Sánchez began to star in the PSOE rallies, the president’s loudest performance was when he questioned the contagion data provided by the regional government in an informal conversation with journalists on the official plane during the tour of Africa. Already the last week of the campaign, the President of the Government decided to disappear, given the bad results that the polls predicted for his party (and which were fulfilled).

Díaz Ayuso and his surroundings now consider that his success in the 4M elections – in which he doubled the seats and absorbed Ciudadanos – had to do precisely with that constant institutional opposition to the Government. Hence, the strategy that has marked each of its decisions in the last year and a half is not going to change one iota, and it even asks other autonomies to replicate it.

Ayuso has assumed the leading role in the opposition against the central government since she came to the Madrid Executive in 2019. A role that has increased with the pandemic, which has placed her in this matter above the leader of her formation, Pablo Casado . The leader of the PP has been reeling in the numerous interventions that she has had throughout this week how she poses the meeting with Sánchez, while advancing some of her first decisions, such as the presentation in the Madrid Chamber of an educational law that intends to leave the Celaá law recently approved.

The position of leader in front of Sánchez is an issue that Ayuso is not going to stop exploiting. In the meeting that should serve to discuss the issues of Madrid, the regional president will raise her position against pardons to the Catalan independentists. One of his star ideas, unveiled a couple of weeks ago, is to propose that the Catalan businessmen themselves finance the “path to independence” “with their taxes.” “This is going to be one of my priorities,” he said.

In the PSOE they consider that Ayuso is a problem for Casado because it reduces his capacity as a national leader and his extremism goes against the focused turn that the president of the PP has tried to give in recent months. These accusations, however, do not blink a bit to Díaz Ayuso, who in the face of these criticisms defends that his strategy has placed the region at the forefront. “They always tell us about the power that we are supposed to use from here to oppose, but never has the Community of Madrid been so strong,” Ayuso defended this Thursday in the regional Parliament, where he assured that he will ask for more funding for education and health, as well as European funds.

The Madrid president will insist in front of Sánchez that it is an administration with “underfinanced” and will ask the president for more funds, despite the fact that he has promised the “biggest tax cut in history”, with a generalized reduction in personal income tax that will benefit the most incomes. high, and that will take to the Assembly next fall along with the budgets. Madrid is also one of the regions that offers a 100% discount on the Heritage tax, which is why it ceases to collect more than 1,000 million a year, in addition to other taxes such as Inheritance, which for many communities represents “unfair competition” .

Precisely on the table will also be the so-called “fiscal harmonization” announced months ago by the Government and which aims to establish a common fiscal regime in all territories to end these inequalities. Ayuso has taken a stand against it and is willing to fight on all fronts to defend its low-tax model while reducing public services.

What happens this Friday remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that Ayuso will have everything measured, like that September 21, 2020 in which the Madrid president decided to continue increasing her gap against the Government by launching a string of reproaches . In the new appointment nobody expects surprises anymore.