Thursday, August 5

Ayuso, on Cuba: “The most important thing is not to lose freedom in places where it is still insured, such as Madrid or Spain”

Isabel Díaz Ayuso has taken advantage of the act that she had this Monday to present the book of the former mayor of Caracas Antonio Ledezma, to charge again against the Government of Pedro Sánchez with the excuse of Venezuela and the protests in Cuba. The president of the Community of Madrid has ensured that the Executive of PSOE and United We Can “follow to the millimeter” the “script” of the “populisms” of these countries. “The most important thing” now, he assured, is “not to lose freedom in those places where it is still insured, such as Madrid or Spain” for which he has called on the defenders of that freedom to organize.

“The most important thing is not to lose freedom in those places where it is still insured, such as Madrid or Spain. Going further and knowing how to organize ourselves being aware that more and more in all sides of the world, it is not strange to us. Before each electoral appointment, those of us who defend freedom without ambiguity must organize ourselves, “he assured from the Royal Post Office in Puerta del Sol, headquarters of the regional government.

The Madrid president has also assured that “the same people who have devastated Venezuela and Cuba” are the ones who “have tried the same thing in the capital of Spain.” “The good news is that we are not going to allow it,” he defended.

Ayuso has also affirmed that “all populisms resemble each other and follow the same pattern.” “Here in Spain the socialist government and its partners follow the script to the millimeter,” he continued. And he added: “Like all liberticidal regimes they are bothered by political alternation, property, they are irritated by discrepancy and the rule of law.”

In this sense, the leader of the PP has accused the Government of wanting to “colonize the classrooms, erode the institutions and the judiciary”, while trying to install a “single thought” to say “until what to eat”, in relation to the controversy of last week on the recommendation of the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, to reduce the consumption of meat as a measure to face the climate crisis.

Ayuso defends that the Government wants to control the judiciary but it is the Popular Party that is blocking the renewal of a body that has expired for more than two years. Whenever the popular have been in the opposition, they have blocked its renewal in order to place their judges when they are in power.

The Madrid president has assured that the left generates “false debates” to avoid talking about “what is important”. He has also accused the Government of seeking to “divide into blocks” such as “in sexes, neighborhoods or languages”, to create “first and second class citizens”. “Those who do not think like them are called even fascists,” he insisted.

“We send all our solidarity support to Cuba, a brother country that unites us so much so that you know that Madrid is at your side,” Ayuso concluded. An opportunity that has served him again to charge against the Government.

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