Sunday, April 2

Ayuso, on whether Vox is extreme right: “There were many people extremely fed up with us”

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has not entered this Thursday to qualify if Vox is a far-right party, as defined by Esteban González Pons, president of the Organizing Committee of the extraordinary PP Congress that will be held on the 1st and April 2. “If you ask me if Vox is the extreme right, what I think is that a lot of PP voters went to Vox”, he responded to González Pons’s statements, adding that what there was was a lot of people “extremely fed up” with his party “for different errors”.

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“What we must do now is that they return home and unite again around a common interest that is the change of course in Spain”, he stated on this issue that makes the Madrid president uncomfortable. “There is nothing more extreme than sleeping with nationalists, with the ETA environment or with people who have ruined entire countries at the hands of communism,” she added from Marseille about González Pons’s words.

“Vox is not the PP. It is a party of the extreme right. There is an offer in Spain from the extreme right, as there is in all of Europe, there is an offer from a socialist party and there is another from the center right,” assured the president of the Organizing Committee of the congress that acts this month as the spokesperson for the popular after the withdrawal of the old leadership of Pablo Casado.

Ayuso has also been asked about other statements by González Pons in which she stated that Casado and his former Secretary General Teodoro García Egea should be part of the new PP, unlike what the Madrid president believes, who demanded the expulsion of all those from the PP. who questioned his government’s mask contract for which his brother took a commission, including Casado and Egea. “On the future of the two leaders, I think I have little to say right now,” she assured. “Now we are in a moment of internal reorganization, these have been very difficult weeks for everyone, but what we have to do is see how to strengthen our project,” she added.

He will ask the EU for protection to defend the fiscal autonomy of Madrid

Ayuso has advanced that he will ask the European Union for protection to defend Madrid’s fiscal autonomy, given the claim that “taxes for all Spaniards” are raised. The Madrid president has demanded that the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, explain what she wants to do, after Montero has stated that this is not the time to raise taxes after the pandemic and the war in Ukraine after receiving the report from the committee of experts on the reform of the tax system.

Ayuso has made these statements at the press conference prior to the IX European Summit of Regions and Cities, organized by the European Committee of the Regions. From there, he has assured that in his intervention at the European event this afternoon he will denounce the purpose of the president, Pedro Sánchez, and his government to “raise taxes on the people of Madrid”

“They have done it again today in a further step and I want to condemn these massive increases that they bring with the buts and the nuances, as we have been able to see after the meeting that the Minister of Finance has held with the committee of experts, where even Two of them have already resigned,” he declared.

“What I would also ask the minister [María Jesús Montero] it is that it be brave, that it be sincere and that once and for all they explain what they intend with these committees, with these reports, which of course are always the same: it is to raise taxes on all Spaniards, on the middle classes and what cannot be done is make us all equal, but yes, in poverty”, he stated.