Monday, March 4

Ayuso opens another new one against Feijóo by defending that he wants a coalition with Vox

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has advanced this week in her winks to Vox. If she announced on Wednesday that she would request an audit from AIReF on regional subsidies and a commission on Latin gangs, she assured on Thursday that she governs in “coalition with Vox.” This Friday she has clarified that such a statement was not a “lapse” but was “a declaration of intent” since her intention is to “coalify” with the far-right formation.

Ayuso thus opens a front to Feijóo who is still trying to strike a balance in his statements about the formation of Santiago Abascal after the PP has agreed its first coalition government with Vox in Castilla y León, an agreement that the European PP has criticized.

The Madrid president has defended that “everyone knows” that she has a government “in freedom” born from the polls on May 4 that allows her to govern with a PP project, but she has clarified that in Parliament the situation is different because it has than “seeking alliances between the different formations”.

This Thursday at the Madrid Assembly, Ayuso assured that “the situation in the Community of Madrid is much better than in the rest of Spain because there is a PP government in coalition with Vox”, despite the fact that the extreme right has not entered into the Executive. Ayuso has clarified this Friday that “it was not a slip, it was a declaration of intent” because he wants to “coalify” with the parties that seek “prosperity and low taxes”, such as Vox. The far-right formation in Madrid threatens to block the fiscal autonomy law.

These statements are one more nod to Abascal’s party, the same week that the regional president announced that the PP will promote a study commission in the Madrid Assembly on the violence of youth gangs operating in the region. Ayuso defended the need to go “beyond your own powers”, in line with what Vox raised.

The Governing Council this Wednesday also approved requesting an audit of public subsidies from Airef as stated in the budget agreement signed by PP and Vox.