Wednesday, September 27

Ayuso opens the swimming pools of the Community of Madrid by surprise at the end of the heat wave

The swimming pools of the Community of Madrid open this weekend and will remain operational until September 11. It was announced by the Ministry of Culture and Sport by surprise this Friday, a few hours before the start of the service and a day after its manager, Marta Rivera, had apologized for being late and that this service was available to Madrilenians during the heat wave.

Open summer pools in Madrid, prices and schedules

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The Government of Ayuso arrives at the opening the weekend that the alerts for high temperatures end with the start-up of three of the four swimming pools owned by the Community of Madrid, those of Puerta de Hierro, San Vicente de Paúl and Canal. They will do it from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., every day, with sale exclusively online and without advance: bathers must buy tickets for the same day of their access.

In total, 5,409 places are added in public swimming pools to the existing ones of the Madrid City Council, which have been operating since last May 14, more than a month ago. The largest is Puerta de Hierro, former Trade Union Park, which offers space for 4,628 people, followed by Canal (567) and San Vicente de Paúl (214). The 86 World Cup facilities will remain closed, although the regional government will try to open them “in the coming days.”

The Community of Madrid highlights in a note that the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports “advances the entry into service by one week” of its swimming pools, although the traditional thing is that it does so in the first half of June and in 2019, before the pandemic, it did so on the 1st of this month. “In this way, the aim is to try to alleviate the effects of the heat wave that has been ravaging the region since this week,” the statement continues. Aemet deactivates this Sunday all its alerts for high temperatures in Madrid.

The prices do not vary with respect to previous years and will be 5 euros per session for adults, with a 30% discount for large families, children under 13 and over 65. Access will be free for children from 0 to 2 years old, holders of the Youth Card of the Community of Madrid, victims of terrorism and their relatives and people with a disability greater than 33% and companion.

All sold in swimming pools of the City Council

The coincidence of the heat wave with the period prior to the school holidays is causing several of the 17 Madrid City Council swimming pools open to date to register a high demand and in some cases, such as the one in Peñuelas (Arganzuela), tickets literally fly in five minutes as they go on sale.

The Madrid City Council has increased the capacity by 15% in these facilities to try to cope with the enormous daily demand, which increases during the weekends and extends to other centers of the same type such as Casa de Campo, Hortaleza, José María Cagigal or La Elipa, where it is not possible to find tickets for this same Saturday.