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Ayuso overshadows the landing in Valencia of the PP National Convention

At 12.30 the bells of the Santuari de Nostra Senyora de Montolivet began to ring, located in front of the Palau de les Arts in Valencia, which hosts the penultimate day of the PP National Convention. At that precise moment the door of the black van with tinted windows that brought the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to the conclave with which Pablo Casado wants to relaunch his project before the next electoral cycle was opened. Ayuso has arrived last. Literally, he was the last person to access the auditorium where a thousand people attended the scheduled interventions from 10 in the morning. A cloud of journalists and cameras surrounded the Madrid president while the former NATO Secretary General, Anders Rasmussen, spoke inside.

Casado wins the first assault on Ayuso

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Amid shouts of “President, President!”, Ayuso has passed by in front of the set prepared for the statements of the attendees and where the rest of the regional presidents of the party have stopped before her. All have had to respond to the press about the open fight between Casado and Ayuso, who has monopolized all the spotlights on Saturday morning.

The Madrid president arrived almost directly from her tour of the United States, which she had to shorten precisely to arrive in time to sit down with the rest of the regional presidents of the PP at a round table on the governments they lead. Ayuso even questioned his presence. His American agenda had a photo reserved for him this weekend with the singer Alejandro Sanz, who inaugurates his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The pulse between Ayuso and Casado for the calendar to renew the leadership of the Madrid PP, which the leader wanted to advance to take control of the organization, was about to break the rope and spoil the party for the party’s national leadership, that has been preparing for weeks a convention that has not gone as planned due to the prominence of the star guests and the shadow of corruption that has flown over the event.

Ayuso finally gave in and the assault has been won, for now, by Casado. This is what she herself confirmed in her brief intervention at a round table with the rest of the regional presidents of the PP: “I am clear that Madrid is my departure and it is my political goal. I want to make it clear to you that I am perfectly clear where my place is and I will do my best for Madrid, because Madrid is Spain and we need you to be the Prime Minister “.

But the previous row, the absence of Ayuso throughout the week and her untimely arrival in Valencia, which has motivated several changes in the planned program, has only increased the journalistic interest in her, to the point that she has monopolized the attention in the previous interventions of the main leaders of the PB

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, who threatened to appear in a primary against Ayuso to block his pressure on Genoa, has greatly measured his words in his role as national spokesperson for the formation. Ayuso, he said, “is one of the great assets” of the party “as he already demonstrated in the May 4 elections, where his victory was the product of the policies he was able to implement.” “We are all looking forward to being with Ayuso and the rest of the regional presidents,” he added, making clear the level of the ladder that the Madrid leader occupies.

After him appeared the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who has left a phrase worthy of Mariano Rajoy: “It is evident that the best policy to preside over the Community of Madrid is the one that has just swept the regional elections.” Was he referring to the autonomous government or the party? Only he knows. The leader, who has been applauded by the Galician militants who have traveled to the Valencian capital, has settled: “All the regional presidents have come here to support the president of our party. Our party is a loyal party, It is not a game of elbows nor is it a game of tripping, we leave that to others “.

While Ayuso arrived at the Palau de les Arts, the president of Andalusia, Juan Manuel Moreno, attended the media. “Any political project goes further together. United we are stronger. This party is united. We all come to put our shoulders” and help Casado, he said. Asked if Ayuso could overshadow the party president, he concluded: “Not at all. Pablo is the reference. We all contribute to a common project with the aim of governing Spain.”

Aegean’s warning: “If we have a government without a party, we will end up without a party and without a government”

Ayuso arrived just in time for the party’s secretary general, Teodoro García Egea, to speak. In fact, he would have been late if he had stayed on schedule. The PP reported on Friday that the number two would do an intervention that was not foreseen in the initial program. It would be at 12.00, before Rasmussen and the colloquium in which Ayuso was included. The title of the Murcian leader’s speech: “Without a party, there is no government.”

In a long speech, Egea has sent a clear message to sailors: “If we have a government without a party, we will end up without a party and without a government.” The general secretary has individually mentioned the personal achievements of all the regional presidents of the PP, but not of Ayuso, whom he has cited in tandem with Casado. He has not made reference to his 2019 triumph and, when he spoke of 2021, it was to remember that “that night” of May 4 “Pablo Casado and Ayuso came out to say hello from the balcony of Genoa. “It was demonstrated something fundamental that we can never forget. What Pedro Sánchez and his partners fear most is the union of all Spaniards around the PP. That is our mission,” he said.

All in all, Ayuso has received several great ovations from the thousand attendees of the event. Also during his brief speech with the rest of the presidents. A short speech in which the crisis has been resolved and has paid homage to its leader. “I am clear that Madrid is my way out and it is my political goal,” he began. And he concluded: “I want to make it clear to you that I am perfectly clear where my place is and that I will do my best for Madrid, because Madrid is Spain and we need you to be the Prime Minister.” End of the game and freeway for the final act: Pablo Casado’s speech on Sunday in the bullring of Valencia.

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