Wednesday, December 8

Ayuso prepares a meeting with businessmen without the Minister of the Economy of Citizens

A meeting with large foreign companies. It is the plan of the Community of Madrid to try to send a message of calm to investors operating in the region in the face of the new scenario of restrictions. It is an act that will take place next week and in which, according to El Confidencial has advancedThe president Isabel Díaz Ayuso and the Minister of Finance, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, will be present, but the Minister of Economy, Manuel Giménez, of Citizens, has not been invited.

The disagreements within the coalition government in Madrid have been latent throughout the week. “First Ayuso presents the appeal without consulting Citizens and now summons the businessmen without informing the Minister of Economy, which is from Citizens,” sources from the party of Vice President Ignacio Aguado have explained to, where outrage over the latest movement of the regional president.

Specifically, from Ciudadanos they refer to the appeal presented this Friday by Ayuso before the National Court against Aguado’s criteria, who came to publicly state that the decision “belongs to the president” and that he does not share it. “We need to sit down, agree on measures and generate certainty for Spaniards who are unfortunately watching a show they don’t deserve,” the Madrid vice president reproached.

Precisely, the objective of Ayuso with the meeting that will be held next week in Madrid is to convey to companies a message of certainty in the face of the new restrictions agreed in the Interterritorial Council for Health and most of the Autonomous Communities, except those of the PP – with the exception of Castilla y León– and Catalonia, which Madrid opposes, but which it has complied with – pending the appeal at the National Court – and which have come into effect at 10 pm this Friday. A meeting to boost the economy in which the absence of the Minister of Economy is surprising.

The rudeness occurs almost in parallel with the resignation of another councilor of Citizens of the Executive. The person in charge of Social Policies, Equality, Family and Birth, Alberto Reyero, resigned this Friday appealing to the “unity of the institutions as the most successful way to defeat the virus”. Reyero, who will continue in the Assembly as a common deputy in the Citizens group, alleges that it is a “thoughtful” decision to “close a stage”, just 13 months after taking office.

The Community of Madrid has calculated that the impact of new restrictions could mean a drop in GDP of 17% in one year and the loss of 18,000 weekly jobs, as reported by the counselor Fernández-Lasquetty in a telematic press conference. The head of the Treasury in the region, one of Ayuso’s strong men, has cataloged the new restrictions of the central government “a new blow to the Madrid economy” and “a damage to all of Spain.”

Specifically, Fernández-Lazquetty has made reference to hospitality and commerce, two sectors that have experienced capacity restrictions in municipalities with more than 100,000 inhabitants with an incidence of coronavirus greater than 500, where there is a PCR positivity of more than 10% and in which the ICU occupancy is higher than 35%, among which is the capital and nine other cities of the Community, where restrictions had already been imposed in several health areas and where in the last seven days there have been 156 people died with COVID-19.