Wednesday, May 18

Ayuso puts “his hand in the fire” for Almeida and defends his brother earning money as “self-employed”

“I would put my hand in the fire for Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida.” With these words, the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has spoken for the first time about the mask contract of the Madrid City Council during the pandemic for which Alberto Luceño and Luis Medina charged millionaire commissions and which is being investigated by justice. Until now, the regional leader had remained silent on this matter. And this Thursday during the plenary session, she has limited herself to supporting the mayor of Madrid in the face of the opposition’s demands for a pronouncement. What she has not said anything about is the millionaire commissions that were spent on watches, luxury cars and a yacht.

The Community of Madrid confirms that Ayuso’s brother collected from his friend’s company the 283,000 euros that Casado attributed to a commission

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What the president has done is sow doubts about relatives of other deputies, at the same time that she has defended “the decency” of her brother “who was not going to work” for free “for his work. The regional president was referring to the other commission that her brother Tomás Díaz Ayuso received from a mask contract from the regional government that she presides over awarded to a family friend.

“Can you answer the following questions with a yes or no? Would you put your hand in the fire for Mr. Almeida? Do you condemn the commission agents’ scam? Would you repossess the Ferraris?” Asked the spokeswoman for Más Madrid, Mónica García. To which Ayuso replied: “I would put my hand in the fire for Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida.”

The deputy of More Madrid has reproached that “what is serious is not only the commission agents but the breeding ground in which commission agents, brothers, cousins, scoundrels and rogues move like fish in water”. “This breeding ground is called ‘commissioning’ and in ‘commissioning’ the risk is measured in the number of selfies you can take with a popular leader, on the days you can go hunting or play golf with some of these select patriots”, insisted Mónica García.

In her turn, the president responded to the leader of the opposition that Madrid “is not the place of scoundrels, drunks, homophobes, that you always describe” but rather that it is “an open, universal, fun, mestizo territory, of contrasts” . “You come to Madrid to risk, you come to undertake […]. Here in Madrid you come to hire and be hired, to mortgage, to rent, to open businesses, to undertake… and that is the risk”. And he has added: “I don’t know why he gives lessons to another person like my brother so that he gets paid for free for being self-employed that he has earned decently from his work.”

Before this, Ayuso had attacked the PSOE spokesman, Juan Lobato. putting the father of the socialist deputy under suspicion for being a lawyer for the Municipal Funeral Home, the company that paid for the masks that Justice is investigating today.

Lobato later explained in the corridors of the Madrid Assembly that the contract never went through the legal service of the municipal company, for this reason, in no case, was it endorsed by the consultancy as Ayuso first implied and then the spokesman for the PP, Alfonso Serrano.

“Today she has felt cornered and has decided to cross a line that is clearly lying about an issue that has to do with my father. I ask you to rectify and apologize for having lied in Parliament. She knows the decision made by the PP in the City Council: That the funeral company pay the amounts of those emergency contracts but that it be the City Council that processes them to prevent those contracts from going through the legal services of the funeral home where my father works ” , has exposed.

“I have a lawyer father, but the one who has taken more than a quarter of a million euros is the president’s brother who should give explanations and not try to divert attention with such crude lies (…) The signature does not appear of my father in any of the contracts that have to do with emergencies. The funeral home did not process any of these contracts to prevent my father and the rest of the technicians from having to report,” Lobato insisted.

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