Wednesday, August 4

Ayuso puts Telemadrid in the hands of José Antonio Sánchez, the head of the ERE who laid off 74% of his workforce

The former president of RTVE José Antonio Sánchez will be appointed this Wednesday by the Government Council chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso provisional administrator of Telemadrid, after the Plenary of the regional Assembly approved the law to control the public entity with the votes of the PP and the Vox abstention. Sánchez is an old acquaintance of the public network. He has already held the general direction of the public entity to which he now returns. At the head of Telemadrid, he was in charge of carrying out the ERE, which laid off 74% of the workforce.

The employment regulation file affected 860 people out of a total workforce of 1,169. It was in 2013 under the mandate of José Antonio Sánchez that he will now return to public television to replace José Pablo López, appointed in 2017 with a large majority of the Madrid Assembly: PP, Ciudadanos and PSOE voted in favor of his intended appointment depoliticize the public chain after the dark years of the Esperanza Aguirre governments. We can abstained.

Now Sánchez, a declared related to the PP, returns to Telemadrid, has advanced the World and confirmed But between one stage and another, he was also former president of RTVE. The journalist from Huelva, who will be 68 years old on July 22, took office for the second time as president of Spanish television in October 2014, replacing Leopoldo González Echenique, surrounded by controversy. During his time he left extravagant statements in the newspaper library, many of them launched in Parliament to the opposition in a cocky and challenging tone.

His name appeared on Bárcenas’ papers, certifying that he had been paid from the PP as an “advisor” when he was a parliamentary correspondent for ABC in the Luis María Ansón stage. It is no secret that his career has always been linked to the PP. In July 2002 he was appointed, at the proposal of the Government of José María Aznar, General Director of Radiotelevisión Española, a position that he held until the general elections of 2004. “I vote for the PP and I will continue voting for the PP. Who have I never voted for or I will vote in my life is for Izquierda Unida, “he said in June 2015 in one of his appearances in Congress as president of RTVE.

The objective: to control Telemadrid

The Telemadrid modification law approved last Thursday was the first law of the new Ayuso era. It was presented three weeks ago by the Popular Party and as planned – they enjoy the majority alone in the Assembly Table – it reached the first plenary session of the legislature. The new legislative project de facto supposed the departure of its director, José Pablo López, from the entry into force of the rule. The regional government can appoint a provisional administrator without a time limit and it will only be enough to be ratified by half of the deputies, and not by a reinforced majority of two thirds.

To overthrow the current leadership of the public entity was the main objective of the reform promoted by Ayuso, judging by its wording. The proposed law establishes the limitation of the mandate to four years, compared to the current six, and retroactively, so that the change of López will be imminent since that term has already been fulfilled.

The rule registered by the PP also introduces another modification for the election of the Board of Directors of the entity. Until now, he was elected by the Madrid Assembly and by professionals in the sector. The latter chose five of the nine that compose it. With the reform presented by the PP, the election of the council will remain in the hands exclusively of the parliamentary groups, for which PP and Vox add a large majority with 78 of the 136 deputies that make up the parliamentary arch. The control of the right here also will be absolute.

The Madrid president had been in a tough confrontation with the entity since before her inauguration in August 2019. A few months after arriving at Puerta del Sol – seat of the regional government – she declared that she was “the only president” who had “a television that is critical “. He also said that you are no longer “a public service.”

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