Sunday, December 5

Ayuso reactivates his clash with Genoa for the PP primaries in Madrid: “I hope they are done in a timely manner as required by law”

The confrontations that Isabel Díaz Ayuso and the national leadership of the PP have been in the background since the beginning of the political course, until now. The president of the Community of Madrid has reactivated in the last hours her frontal clash with Pablo Casado, again demanding that the primaries be held as soon as possible. Or in the words of Díaz Ayuso: “In time and form as established by the statutes and the law.”

This allusion to the law is not accidental. This Thursday, The world publishes That related to the Madrid president intend to take the national PP to court for delaying the regional Congress that according to the statutes, they defend, should have been held in March but this year 2121, and not in 2022 as the direction of Pablo Casado intends.

This Friday the regional Committee and the Board of Directors meet and there Ayuso intends to return to the charge after confirming at the beginning of September what was an open secret: that his intention is to preside over the PP of Madrid, something that from the management de Casado consider a threat. The Madrid leader has assured that she will defend “the voice of the affiliates” at the meeting because she considers that “asking them can never be bad.” The intention in Genoa is for someone else to lead the training.

“What the parties have to do is be the first to set an example of internal democracy and that is something that we will debate tomorrow. What I want is for that voice to be done in a timely manner as the statutes and the law mark,” he said. declared the Madrid president in statements to the media this Thursday.

Ayuso has also been asked about the threat of several members of the PP in Madrid related to his figure, who want to take the party to court if the Congress is not held before March 2022 as established by the statutes. The Madrilenian leader has responded that she has no record of such an action but has been confident that “in the end the law will be met, the deadlines and everything will be fine.” The PP has already been condemned in the past for delaying congresses.

“What you have to do is look ahead and soon ask the affiliates, because that is how the statutes and regulations dictate, what future do they want for the party. I think the sooner we discuss it within the organization, I think it will be better. for all “, has settled. Ayuso returns to the charge after the truce at the end of September during the National Convention held in Valencia.