Monday, December 6

Ayuso refuses to agree with the PSOE on the budgets and surrenders to Vox: “Even if I didn’t need your support, I would look for it; is the sensible thing to do “

Isabel Díaz Ayuso has chosen a travel companion in her short term until the 2023 elections and is Vox. “Both parties have to understand each other,” the president of the Community of Madrid told the Vox spokesperson, Rocío Monasterio, this Thursday during the control session of the Government in the regional plenary session. And he added: “Even if I did not need their support, I would seek it because it is the sensible thing to do, what the citizens in Madrid have voted for.” The far-right formation has 13 deputies compared to other formations such as Más Madrid and the PSOE with 24 parliamentarians each.

Ayuso once again makes it clear that his preferred partner is Vox and it is the only party with which he is going to sit down to negotiate the 2022 budgets, despite the fact that this means changing articles “in depth” – in the words of his finance advisor – of the laws called LGTBI. Juan Lobato, the new leader of the PSOE in Madrid this week reached out to Ayuso to agree on some accounts, but the Madrid president has rejected this support within the deadline and openly: “We are not here to distribute misery,” he replied to Lobato.

“Believe me, I can’t find a single reason. They intend to raise taxes in Madrid as they have said so many times; they have raised the quotas for the self-employed, starting with Madrid; they are turning their back on us in a shameful way with European funds, where the Community is always the last and there is no transparency “, he has launched in the plenary session of the regional Chamber.

Very different has been the attitude with Vox to which he has asked “humbly” his support for the accounts. “We have to understand each other to give stability,” insisted the Madrid president.

“I need security, to know what you are going to do with the Budgets and if they are finally going to present us with a paper to find out what to debate about (…) With your abstention we could simply move on, but what I humbly ask of you is their support and I will look for it further because it is the law to understand each other. Both parties have to understand each other to give stability to the citizens, “Ayuso transferred during the Government Control Session to the leader of Vox, Rocío Monasterio.