Sunday, July 3

Ayuso registers the law to overthrow the management of Telemadrid and take control of the chain

The first step to urgently dismiss the management of Telemadrid has already been done. The Popular Parliamentary Group in the Madrid Assembly has registered on Monday a Proposal of Law to modify the regulation of Telemadrid and change the director of the public entity every four years, ‘ABC’ has advanced and they have confirmed This is the first bill that the PP has presented in the regional Chamber since the regional parliament was formed on June 8.

The proposal supposes de facto overthrowing the system of election of the Board of Directors of the corporation and the general director himself, José Pablo López, who would be dismissed from the day after the approval of the regulation. The text reduces his mandate to four years and allows the appointment of a new direction with an absolute majority of PP and Vox, until there is consensus among the groups in the Chamber.

The Madrid president has been in a tough confrontation with the entity since before her inauguration in August 2019. A few months after arriving at Puerta del Sol – the seat of the regional government – she came to declare that she was “the only president” who had “a television that is critical “. He also said that you are no longer “a public service.” The offensive of the regional government against Telemadrid has reached a point where the Minister of Finance, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, keeps the chain financially asphyxiated, in a lawsuit over the so-called contract-program – necessary for the economic stability of the regional radio and television – that keeps it blocked.

With the new legal reform that Ayuso intends, the legislative change promoted in 2017 by PP and Ciudadanos in the Madrid Assembly would be modified. With the new regulations, the majority of the Autonomous Chamber had to choose by consensus the new direction and they opted for José Pablo López, a media manager who had come from working at 13tv. The appointment was ratified by the majority of the chamber (PP, PSOE and Cs voted in favor and Podemos abstained) and his entry into the leadership of the public entity brought fresh air and renewal for the chain.

The processing of this proposal, by means of a single reading procedure to shorten the processes, intends to temporarily differentiate the procedures for the election of the Board of Directors and the CEO, which will allow “continuity in responsibility and guarantee the solvency and independence of the company. chain”.

Thus, the members of the board of directors will be elected by the Madrid Assembly from among those proposed by the parliamentary groups. The mandate of the general director will be four years, non-renewable, counted from their appointment.

Three months before the end of the mandate of the general director, the board of directors of the public entity will initiate the procedure foreseen in the Regulations of the Assembly for the election of the substitute, who will take office the day after the termination of the mandate of the unemployed person.

The first reaction has come from the PSOE spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly, Hana Jalloul, has criticized that the first Proposal of Law that the PP has registered is to reform and “manipulate” Telemadrid and not for Health, Education or employment. “Not health. Not education. Not employment. Not housing. Nothing. For the president (Isabel Díaz Ayuso) the most urgent thing is to manipulate Telemadrid. Informational independence makes her uncomfortable. That is why it is her number one priority,” he said. Jalloul wrote on his Twitter account.