Saturday, December 4

Ayuso says that “everything will end well” in his war with Casado because “he is giving wide majorities and good sense” to the PP

The internal war in the PP for control of the party in Madrid has not stopped escalating in recent days. The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso – one of the main protagonists of this contest -, has recognized this Tuesday that the situation “is complicated” within the training but that she trusts that “it will end well”.

The Madrid president recalled that she has given the PP “broad majorities” and “good sense” so that if she continues like this “everything will end well.” “Only from unity can we move forward and we are a team that everyone sees as a true alternative for Spain,” Ayuso insisted during the ceremony at the Almudena Cathedral on the occasion of the local festival. “I would like nothing more than that to come soon, so everything that is not joining us would be to the detriment of the citizens, who look to us with enthusiasm and as a real alternative for Spain.”

The popular leader has assured that she “never” has claimed “hyper-leadership” and has defended that “everyone” must give in to achieve an understanding. Ayuso has assured that he speaks “practically every day with the leaders” of his party. In fact, he has referred to his relationship with the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, which he has described as “very good” and has emphasized that both work “for the good of Madrid”, each since his administration .

Almeida himself has also referred to this issue on Tuesday, who has denied that there is a bad relationship with the regional president and has pointed out that there is “such good vibes” that they are not “blocked” on the social network WhatsApp. The national spokesman of the PP is on the side of Genoa in the internal war and has been put on the table by Casado as a possible candidate to fight with Ayuso in the primaries.

Almeida has insisted that the PP congress in Madrid should be held “when it touches”, something that Ayuso does not share, who has insisted that she would like it to be as soon as possible. The Madrid president has ensured however that it will be respectful so that it is celebrated “when the national one decides.” “I am respectful,” he stressed, but added: “I think it is better for everyone that it be held soon.”

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