Monday, March 4

Ayuso says that his cousins ​​in Barcelona know the Catalan regions but not the Spanish rivers

Isabel Díaz Ayuso has some cousins ​​in Catalonia who are studying the Catalan regions but they do not know the Spanish rivers or the provincial capitals. At least, according to the story of the Madrid president, who considers that the way in which educational content is taught in Catalonia “is an abuse of power in the hands of the usual”.

Ayuso visited Catalonia on Monday to participate in a meeting with businessmen organized by Forum Europe. “This is my seventh visit. I would say a trip, but it is a visit, because I am in my country, ”he clarified as soon as he stood in front of the microphone. Later, he gave a speech in which he defended his fiscal policy, attacked the central government and considered that former President Mariano Rajoy should have applied a “firmer and more lasting” 155.

During the round of questions, the Madrid president referred to the linguistic conflict in Catalonia. “I believe that bilingualism is a wealth and is, furthermore, a treasure that all the autonomous communities do not have and that from Madrid we have looked at with admiration, but that does not mean that we do not understand why a Spaniard in Spain cannot dominate and speak the Spanish as a right and a constitutional obligation and, therefore, to receive the education as their parents consider it”, he affirmed.

Then he went further: “Even if it is 100% (of classes in Spanish), sometimes even if there is not even that opportunity, it seems to me that it is an attempt against constitutional law itself.” His words, she assured, have “nothing to do with going against Catalan.” “That I already know the Manichaean debate about it,” she clarified.

When the next question came, the moderator wanted to know if the Madrid president considered that the country was already in crisis and how SMEs should deal with the shortage of raw materials and inflation. Ayuso had already warned as soon as he began that “not everything is economics” and since his previous answer must have seemed incomplete, he returned to it.

“I have a Catalan family here, in Barcelona, ​​my cousins ​​told me the other day how they are studying, for example, all the Catalan regions, which seems to me to be very rich, I insist, everything is important, but they did not know the rivers Spaniards and did not know where the main provincial capitals of the rest of the territory were and there comes a time when they are not even treated at school, they are told, they treat Spain as a neighboring country or directly as a non-existent project. To me, that seems like an abuse of power in the hands of the usual “, he said.