Wednesday, October 27

Ayuso says that “homophobia is in the head of the left” and asks Sánchez to pursue false accusations

“Homophobia is in the head of the left.” With this lapidary phrase, the president of the Community of Madrid has denied homophobic aggressions in a prepared response to the PP spokesman in the Madrid Assembly, Alfonso Serrano, who asked if he believes there is a problem of aggressions against the LGTBi group. “In reality, homophobia is in the head of the left, because the Community is safe, open and respectful,” Ayuso has launched. Earlier, in a question from Vox, the Madrid president assured that she will urge the Pedro Sánchez government to prosecute false complaints that cause “harm” to innocents.

“For the left, Madrid is a region of drunkards and homophobes. That is how they want to win, but they are not going to do it even to the plates with that attitude. Of course there is violence and harassment and we must try to solve it together, but it seems to me a debate hypocritical that they have blamed me for aggressions of other communities and they have threatened me “, has launched.

Ayuso has assured that the LGTBi Pride demonstration is “one of the most important festivals” in Madrid and in his opinion, “many people do not want to go because the left has politicized it,” while he has asked to modify state regulations to make it more effective. the defense of the rule of law against false accusations, in which it considers that it is necessary to put “the accent” because it causes “serious damage to the most innocent.”

“What I am going to propose will be a modification of the state regulations that make the defense of the rule of law more effective against false complaints, which is where we must emphasize because they are behaviors that are criminal offenses and cause serious harm to the most innocent and also true complaints, especially in these laws and those that have to do with violence against women, “Ayuso assured during the Government Control Session.

Attacks on Monica Garcia

Today, September 16, is the first plenary session of the Madrid Assembly that begins the political course. And it has been, as usual, especially rough. Before denying homophobia, Ayuso had dedicated himself to insults Mónica García, the spokesperson for Más Madrid who asked for the SUAP, primary care emergency services, which have been closed in the Community of Madrid for more than 500 days. and he reproached the president for being involved in the internal disputes of the PP in Madrid and not in the problems of the people of Madrid.

The leader of the PP has described the leader of the opposition as a “hypocritical caviar left” that goes to Ana Rosa “dressed as a pepera and with ringlets” and “dogging the Ser chain.”