Friday, February 23

Ayuso says that Primary Care emergencies work “at full capacity” despite the chaos and lack of doctors

Isabel Díaz Ayuso took advantage this Wednesday of the inauguration of the new surgical block of the General University Hospital Gregorio Marañón but took advantage of the Madrid health system. Among the merits that the president of the Community has announced, one has especially stood out, which collides with the reality that doctors, nurses, unions and the opposition denounce and that they recognize even from the Government itself. “The 80 24-hour health centers are already at full capacity,” Ayuso assured during her speech. A few minutes later, in the round of questions, she admitted 60% casualties and called for “good sense.”

Chaos on the first night of reopening of out-of-hospital emergencies in Madrid: “We are without a doctor”

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Almost at the same time, from the regional government headquarters, its vice president Enrique Ossorio stated that “more than 90% of the centers have had health personnel, that is, doctors and/or nurses”, without specifying what percentage the “and” and to which the “or”. Meanwhile, according to data from the SAR Platform and SUAP closures, which have recorded day-to-day incidents in the 80 emergency services that the Community promised to open on October 27, this Monday 49% of the services were without a doctor and 19% did not have a nurse.

“What no one understands is that there have been 60% casualties and, above all, what we have to do now is to appeal to common sense,” said Ayuso, who thanked “all the professionals who have already joined the team for their work.” these centers. “I know that there are great professionals and that practically all of them are committed to the health of citizens,” he insisted from the Gregorio Marañón hospital.

From the PP of Madrid they have been slipping the idea for days that the casualties of health professionals are the result of a boycott of the reopening of the old Primary Care Emergency Services (SUAP), closed during the pandemic, and that the Community has put up again with the staff of the Rural Care Services, who have been transferred, in some cases tens of kilometers from their jobs, and with volunteers.

The president has accused this Wednesday “a political party that tries to boycott everything”, that “does not want public health to advance” and that “they have public services, fundamental to the citizen, kidnapped for partisan purposes.” “No one has understood what happened during the most important dates of the pandemic, when a public hospital like Isabel Zendal with patients inside was boycotted and that the same politicians are calling for strikes or boycotts right now,” she insisted.

The Ministry of Health managed last Wednesday, in extremis, for the unions to call off the strike scheduled for the 28th. The only organization that dropped out of the agreement was Amyts, which had to register a new call for the next day 7. However , the rest have already started denouncing that the administration is not fulfilling the commitments made. “Commissions undertook to monitor and follow up on the agreement that the administration is systematically failing to comply with. This breach is mistreating public health professionals, especially those in Primary Care, and puts the population of this Community at serious risk”, said Isabel Sánchez, head of Primary Care at CCOO Sanidad Madrid, who ensures that they are “assessing the situation in the face of the chaos caused.”

According to data from Ayuso herself, in the first five days, more than 10,700 patients have already been treated in the 80 out-of-hospital emergency services, “a usual figure on dates prior to the pandemic.” His vice president has clarified that “55% of the attentions have corresponded to nursing.”