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Ayuso sets course for 2023 by taking control of Telemadrid and establishing itself as a national leader against Sánchez

The early elections on May 4 in the Community of Madrid have as their last destination 2023. Isabel Díaz Ayuso will pilot with a comfortable majority – along with Vox, which she needs to carry out the accounts and each of its laws – a short term that It will lead to elections in two years. With that horizon, the first measure launched by Ayuso when she was reelected president has been to take control of Telemadrid by passing a law to take over her leadership elected in 2017 by a large majority of the Vallecas Chamber. At the head of the public entity he has placed José Antonio Sánchez, an old friend of the PP. He was also in charge of perpetuating the largest ERE in history in the region: he laid off 829 public television workers out of the 1,169 that it had on its staff. 74%.

Sánchez has always been the man chosen by the PP to take ideological control in the public media. After sinking Madrid television in audience and ruining its accounts under the orders of the regional governments of Esperanza Aguirre and Ignacio González, he was promoted by the Executive of Mariano Rajoy in 2014. His destiny was then RTVE and there he repeated what he had said. he had done in Telemadrid during the Aguirre governments: to make public television for all Spaniards a partisan use in favor of the Popular Party. Those four years at the helm of RTVE, Sánchez boasted of voting for the PP and boasted of appearing in the roles of Bárcenas receivable from the party while working at ABC.

The Telemadrid unions have already expressed their rejection of the new provisional administrator – if there is no agreement with the opposition, it may be indefinite – and they have no doubts that their new assignment back to Madrid television will be to put it back at the service of the PP in the face of to the 2023 elections, which will be crucial for Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Whether he only intends to continue leading the Community of Madrid or if his aspirations rise to the national level, as some heavyweights of the training led by Pablo Casado no longer doubt.

Ayuso’s roadmap is clear, according to the latest announced measures. The first objective – to take control of Telemadrid – has gone ahead without fissures thanks to the support of Vox. For the next steps, the president of the Community of Madrid also needs the extreme right. All this redoubling the train crash against the coalition Executive chaired by Pedro Sánchez.

Ayuso called the early elections on March 10 with an empty balance in management. He was unable to carry out budgets and only approved one legislative project, the umpteenth reform of the Land Law. The strategy now is completely different. For this new stage, now without Citizens in the Government or the Madrid Assembly and with a large majority, the Madrid president intends to bring numerous proposals to the regional Parliament.

The first has been the modification of the Telemadrid law to take control. The second will be an educational law to protect concerted education. In autumn, the first budgets of Ayuso as president will arrive at the Assembly. These accounts will carry with them a “historic” tax cut, which will mean a 0.5 point drop in personal income tax. The tax cut benefits high incomes and reduces public accounts since the regional administration will stop collecting 300 million a year. As the PP has always done in its tax cuts, Madrilenians will notice it on their payrolls in the pre-electoral year.

Reinforcement of the confrontation against the Government

The last leg of the plan is to continue feeding the constant confrontation with the Sánchez Government, which is already beginning to annoy some leaders in the PP because it blurs the figure of Casado. Ayuso did not hesitate last Friday, after his meeting with the Prime Minister, to present himself as his real opposition and even assured that it was his “responsibility.” Ayuso served as the national leader and emerged as the last alternative to Sánchez.

During her speech from Moncloa, the Madrid president dedicated herself to stirring up the Executive for its policy in Catalonia after the granting of pardons and, especially, to the parliamentary forces that support the coalition. “Spain is kidnapped in the hands of minorities who hate it,” he said. And he added: “My main mission in this meeting has been to remind the president what our project as a community is and ask him what his project is, where he wants to take Spain.”

Ayuso has also wanted to make the protests in Cuba a national issue this week, just as the right wing has been doing with Venezuela in recent years. The Madrid president returned to present herself as the only defender of freedom: “The most important thing is not to lose freedom in those places where it is still insured, such as Madrid or Spain. Go further and know how to organize ourselves being aware that each and more and more on all sides of the world, he is no stranger to us. Before each electoral appointment, those of us who defend freedom without ambiguity must organize ourselves, “he said on Monday during the presentation of the book by a former mayor of Caracas.

The last confrontation initiated by the regional leader has been on account of the vaccines. Ayuso has only inoculated 87.9% of the doses it has received from the Government, ranking at the bottom of the autonomous communities. It keeps 911,892 vaccines stored. The Executive has stopped the citation of first doses to inoculate Pfizer, ensuring that the 380,000 that it keeps of this brand are committed for second doses, despite the fact that it receives new ones every week.

The government chaired by Ayuso is demanding more vaccines from the Ministry of Health because, according to what it assures, it is receiving this month “half the dose of Pfizer that it delivered in June.” This statement contrasts with the data offered by the Ministry. According to its latest report, the central government delivered 1.6 million doses of this brand to the region in June. In the middle of the month of July, on the 15th, the sera that the autonomy governed by Ayuso has received amount to 700,000. Half, as the regional Executive maintains, would be 400,000.

One more example of the need for the confrontation that Díaz Ayuso constantly seeks against the Government, in which the story has become the most important thing regardless of the data.

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