Friday, March 24

Ayuso takes his war for tax harmonization to Europe and they reply: “I don’t think tax dumping is the best way to work collectively”

Isabel Díaz Ayuso has arrived this Thursday at the European Summit of regions and cities with one objective: “Ask for protection in Europe” to defend the fiscal autonomy of Madrid after affirming that the Government of Pedro Sánchez wants to raise taxes on all Madrid residents, according to had declared in a previous press conference. What the president of the Community of Madrid did not expect is that this claim would turn out so badly.

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In a round table held in the afternoon, Ayuso tried to get that message across while the rest of the participants discussed the consequences and challenges of the climate crisis and the pandemic. What he could not foresee is that it would be, first interrupted, and then answered to attack his claims: “I do not think that fiscal dumping between regions is the best way to work collectively”, reproached Christophe Rouillon, mayor of Coulaines , in France.

Ayuso was participating at that time in a debate with other mayors and regional leaders from different parts of Europe. In his second speech, he tried to get the message out against the government: “Nothing is possible if governments hide behind moderate practices to take very authoritarian measures. It also happens with tax policy. If the regions do not have fiscal autonomy, which is a problem that we have in Spain, for example, it is impossible to continue leading this”, lamented Ayuso speaking of the pandemic.

The Madrid president has assured that the Government “intends to equalize” the economies, and that Madrid raise “all taxes and restore anachronistic taxes that no longer exist in the rest of Europe so that there is a greater collection that falls on them”. “What we are going to achieve is to expel value-added companies, new companies, out of the EU,” she has complained.

“Therefore, I want to ask for protection so that the regions have fiscal autonomy and more freedom to carry out proposals that have proven to be a success,” she claimed. At that moment, she was interrupted by the moderator who reproached her for wanted to listen to other participants: “Mrs. Ayuso, if you allow me I will give the floor to other speakers, I’m sorry, we can continue talking about this later, but I have to balance the speaking time a bit. If you allow me”.

At that moment, the mayor of de Coulaines, Christophe Rouillon, began his speech by responding to Ayuso’s words: “I don’t think that fiscal dumping between regions is the best way to work collectively”.