Friday, January 28

Ayuso will ask Health that those vaccinated with a complete schedule who are in contact with positives do not have to quarantine

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has advanced this Tuesday that she is going to ask the Ministry of Health for a change of criteria in quarantines and that contacts vaccinated with the full schedule do not have to be isolated. According to the latest government update, only close contacts of positives with omicron, the majority in Madrid, have to quarantine.

The omicron variant is already detected in 47% of samples analyzed in Spain

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“Now the Ministry of Health this week, also as a novelty, is going to propose to the Ministry that people who have been in contact with a positive, only in contact, but who are vaccinated with the complete guideline do not have to be doing these quarantines “, Ayuso assured in an interview on esRadio.

The Madrid president has been against the cancellation of Christmas dinners or the imposition of teleworking due to these quarantines. “Now they are sending quarantines in a massive way and then we are seeing explosive quarantines that are breaking down Christmas dinners, they are closing entire classrooms, they are teleworking everyone and we believe that this can be reviewed perfectly because it is unnecessary.”

Ayuso has reiterated that “closure for closure” is not the solution to stop the coronavirus and has influenced that “citizens cannot take it anymore.”

“We have been the ones who have been leading the health situation at all times. Now the left and the Sánchez Government are trying to appropriate it. We have been the ones who from Madrid have gone directly against the virus and not against the freedom of citizens and That strategy is the one that we have always maintained. We believe that it is the best. At this point it does not make sense to change it, and much less with omicron, “he defended.

The Madrid president made these statements just one day before the Conference of Presidents called by Moncloa to evaluate the health situation in the middle of the sixth wave of infections and in view of the concern about the omicron variant to agree on new restrictions.

In the latest update of its strategy against COVID, the Ministry of Health established that people who have been close contacts of those infected by omicron, or suspected of being, carry out a ten-day quarantine, even if they are vaccinated with the full schedule.

This recommendation from the Ministry, a kind of roadmap for the communities, also extends to contacts of other variants of concern, such as beta or gamma, or immunosuppressed people.

Ómicron, potentially more contagious, according to the WHO, is already the predominant variant according to the latest report which evaluates the situation of the different variants in Spain. The new variant was detected in 47.2% of the samples sequenced in Spanish laboratories from December 6 to 12, according to the preliminary data included in the document, dated December 20. The week before, the percentage was 3.4%.

Faced with this situation, the directors of schools in the Community of Madrid have today asked the regional government to study closing the educational centers due to “great concern” on the part of teachers, families and students, and have suggested the possibility of monitoring “online” of teaching activity.

Ayuso however has insisted on a return to school “normally” after the Christmas holidays, and has opted to coordinate with the Ministry of Health that “in the classrooms the children who test positive are at home, but that life goes on so we don’t have to all be locked up. ”

“I do not think, of course, to forget what has happened here and that is that they have closed us in a massive way with no alternative, that they have gone against the economy and, I insist, the citizens cannot take it anymore and we have known how to combine everything at all times. Mass closures do not protect from the virus, “he reiterated.