Friday, November 26

Ayuso will go to the manifestation of the Police and Civil Guard against the reform of the ‘Gag Law’

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, will attend the demonstration called on November 27 against the reform of the Citizen Security Law, known by her detractors as the Gag Law, as confirmed by sources from the regional government .

With her attendance at the event, the regional president also wants to show her support to the State Security Forces before a reform of the law that the Executive of Pedro Sánchez prepares and that from the police unions and the Civil Guard associations see as a threat to the principle of authority of these Corps.

Ayuso met this Friday at the Royal Post Office with representatives of unions and associations of the National Police and the Civil Guard to show their “recognition and support” for the work of the State Security Forces and Bodies and has assured that the changes in the Citizen Security Law proposed by the central government “undermine the rule of law, the protection of the weakest and the principle of authority.”

Obligation of officers to notify before intervening in demonstrations

The parties that make up the coalition government, PSOE and United We Can, have registered a set of agreed amendments to the PNV bill to repeal the so-called Gag Law, approved by the PP in 2015, in which, among other issues, It is proposed the obligation of the agents to warn “in a clearly audible verbal way” before intervening to dissolve concentrations.

In addition, it deepens that the protocols for the use of force and the use of anti-riot equipment, which is the “last resort” in case of incidents in demonstrations, should use the “least harmful” means that cause “irreversible injuries”, although no specific mention is made of rubber balls.

Some measures that have been received with belligerence on the part of the police unions and Civil Guard associations, who believe that this reform “will destroy the principle of authority that sustains social peace.” After a meeting with the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, JUPOL, the majority union in the National Police Council, has announced the call for a “large demonstration in union with all the police forces in Spain” against the reform, which has been set for the next day 27.

A rejection also shared by AUGC and SUP, organizations of the Civil Guard and the National Police, which have issued a joint statement announcing a “common front” against the reform, while the CEP has rejected the processing “behind the backs” of the Police of the amendments.

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