Wednesday, July 6

Ayuso will propose to Sánchez that Catalan businessmen finance “the road to independence” with their taxes

Isabel Díaz Ayuso proposes that Catalan businessmen finance “the road to independence” of Catalonia. This was assured this Wednesday by the president of the Community of Madrid, who has assured that it will be her main proposal to Pedro Sánchez on July 9 when he meets with the President of the Government in a bilateral meeting in Moncloa.

“On July 9th I am going to take a proposal to Pedro Sánchez. Since the Catalan businessmen, the majority from what I see, are in favor of these pardons and of this path to independence, so that they pay for it with their taxes and with their money, “Ayuso assured at the entrance to the Zendal Hospital where he went to inaugurate an international conference on Covid-19. With this statement, the Madrid president has recognized fiscal autonomy for Catalonia and has declared herself in favor of independence if it is financed by the Catalans.

Ayuso believes that if the Catalans, and specifically the businessmen who have spoken in favor, finance an independence that, a priori, they would be against. The Madrid president wants the Catalans and not the Madrid businessmen, the self-employed and taxpayers to be the ones to get hold of. “That will be one of my priorities. Madrid is not there to pay this party to anyone and I do not intend to allow them to touch the fiscal policy of Madrid for this. I will defend the interests of Madrid,” he stressed.

Ayuso thus criticizes the words of the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, for having assured in an interview that, if the pardons to the Catalan independentistas served to normalize the situation, “welcome”.

Contrary to pardons

Before Díaz Ayuso was in favor of independence if it is paid for with taxes and the money of Catalan businessmen, the Madrid president had summoned the press to read an “institutional statement” for what she considers a “humiliation” and an “outrage” against the Spanish after the independence prisoners were released from prison. For almost five minutes, the president of the Community of Madrid has read her “condemnation” of the pardons: “Today the Spaniards are humiliated and the whole of Spain is outraged”, she has sentenced without admitting questions after summoning the press.

“The ultimate goal of this episode is to allow an independence referendum,” Ayuso assured after describing the pardons as “law fraud.” “This collective pardon, barely camouflaged by a series of individual pardons, which makes it a true fraud of law, not only contravenes the criteria of the Supreme Court, the highest instance of our rule of law, but is also an attack against the principles invoked in the Preamble to our Magna Carta: justice, freedom and legal security “, has defended the regional president despite the fact that it is a prerogative of the Government to grant them.

For the Madrid leader, “the rule of law, the equality of Spaniards before it, and the international credibility of Spain have also been damaged after this outrage, which the Government undertakes against the general interest, and moved solely by its attachment to power, whatever the price to be paid. ” At the end, Ayuso has left without admitting questions and has given way to the Government spokesman, Enrique Ossorio, who has reported on the Government agreements.