Monday, December 6

Ayuso, you are the best

In the El Hormiguero program last Tuesday, the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, was received with shouts of “President! President!” And they did not refer to her current position, but to the future as hypothetical president of the Government.

“Thanks to Pablo Motos and to the entire El hormiguero team for tonight. You are already on my list of good things about being president of the Community of Madrid,” she tweeted, early the next day.

I was very grateful, and certainly it was to be. She entered the set of the program like a queen, and came out more candidate for anything in the PP than ever.

To encourage the show, the director and presenter of the program, Pablo Motos, asked him a question with great spark: “Do you think Pablo Casado is afraid that you will take his chair if he does not win the elections?” Take chestnut, Married.

The spark almost caused a fire in the headquarters of the popular in Genoa street. One imagines Pablo Casado and Teodoro García Egea putting in extra hours at the headquarters to see Ayuso’s intervention live and drawing a conclusion: We are going straight to the precipice. There is no one to stop this, Casado sentences and, like someone who does not want the thing, looks askance at Teodoro and thinks, here you have to present someone’s head on a silver platter and it has to be as soon as possible.

The next day the data arrives. The program was seen by three and a half million viewers, Casado in the same program at the end of 2019 was followed by only two million, so Ayuso also beats him in rating and Compartir.

The leadership of the PP does not know how to manage the crisis, how to handle Ayuso’s electoral victory, which for him seems to have become a destructive boomerang, how to achieve a Solomonic solution for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, how to counter the increasingly destabilizing Ayuso’s appearances that he is releasing that I have the votes and you have nothing, skillfully directed by the whispers of his advisor.

Teodoro García Egea sees his return to the olive pit throwing competitions with his mouth getting closer and closer, in what he is an expert. Better that than unemployment, he thinks. The president’s sidelong glance has been crucial, a clear warning to sailors.

Meanwhile, in La Razón they discover La Moncloa’s secret weapon: “Sánchez wants to use Ayuso in his strategy against Casado,” they headline. Of course, the Government’s strategy team, after several and intense meetings and the corresponding exchange of confidential reports, including those of the secret services, has realized that the Casado / Ayuso fight, which is approaching the pressing catch, it weakens the PP and, consequently, favors Sánchez’s evil intentions. So, you have to keep pushing.

Faithful to that slogan, which they tell us emanated from La Moncloa, the Parisian newspaper Le Figaro headlines: “The Spanish right is lynched in public“And to finish it off, he explains that” the conservative newspaper ABC, denouncing this ‘regrettable spectacle’, asks the Popular Party for calm. “Yes, Le Figaro It is also a conservative newspaper, very conservative, but in this perverse dynamic of destruction of the favorable prospects offered by the polls for the PP, Sánchez and La Moncloa have achieved the unimaginable, uniting Tyrians and Trojans to achieve their goal: face death to old friends Pablo and Isabel.

But the key, as always, is to know what came before, the chicken or the egg. That is, if Sánchez, with his ability to anticipate the political future, entangled the crisis between the leader of the PP and the winner of the Madrid elections, which would mean insulting and unimaginable doses of Machiavellianism, or if this case, like so many others, it is circumscribed simply and simply to a simple question of egos and political ambition within the PP.

It is not necessary to be endowed with special insight to realize that the crisis arises, develops and, for now, continues to fester, within the PP without external help, without outsourcing of any kind.

And the lace is put by a poll published by El Español this week that places the PP (24.9%) already below the PSOE (25.5%) in voting intention, with the irruption of the new political option Spain Emptied that it would obtain 1.1% of the votes and 15 seats.

Ayuso assures that when he comes down from his office in Puerta del Sol to eat something in a nearby restaurant, he hears shouts of “Ayuso, you are the best”, and that this means that she is the best to occupy the presidency of the PP in Madrid, and for what comes, and that thus should be understood by the current leadership of the PP. But Casado, who knows that with Isabel thriving in the PP in Madrid, his political future could be to compete with Teodoro in the launch of olive pits, resists taking that step despite pressure from barons, counts and dukes. of the party.

In addition, competing with Teodoro are big words, not in vain did he get the title of world champion in launching olive bone mollar chafá in Cieza in 2008 with a mark of 16.8 meters. It would be very complicated there too, almost more than now with Isabel.

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