Friday, June 9

Ayuso’s PP asks its affiliates for more money: from 20 to 100 euros and offers in exchange cups with the slogan “communism or freedom”

The Madrid PP chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso seeks to increase its income ahead of the May 28 elections. And for that the general secretary, Alfonso Serrano, has requested an extra contribution from his affiliates. “Our party faces important challenges in the coming months, for which we will continue to need your necessary commitment and collaboration”, reads the letter that Serrano has sent to the affiliates asking for more financial commitment.

A contribution of 20, 30, 50 and up to 100 euros that supporters of the PP can send to the party through a web page set up for it. “In this sense, we offer you the possibility of making, as a member of the Popular Party, an extraordinary voluntary fee, to help collaborate with the ordinary functioning of our organization that could range between 20, 30, 50 or even 100 euros,” he explains. the general secretary of the PP in Madrid.

In exchange, the training offers “a series of exclusive products” that, Serrano points out in his letter, “cannot be purchased by other circuits nor are they available for sale.” Such gifts are cups and bottles with the motto “communism or freedom”, an apron with the word “tavernaries”, some knives or an alarm clock.

“In these transcendental moments for Spain, your support being more important than ever, we would like, if you want to accept it, to give you a gift to thank you for your great work and collaboration”, collects the letter where the financial contribution can be made.

The possibility for affiliates to make this income ends on Sunday. This newsroom has asked the PP in Madrid about the reason for this extraordinary campaign to raise money by the party chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, although such information has not been provided. Nor the data on the amount that training would have collected this way today or the affiliates who have been encouraged to make this contribution.